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The 3rd biennial district conference of Silchar was held with good participation of pensioners on 12th September, 2022. Com. S N Sarma, Circle Secretary inaugurated the confernce explaining the important issues of the pensioners, the struggles launched by AIBDPA and the achievements, particularly settlement of medical benefits pending for the last four years. After the adoption of the report and audited accounts, a new set of 17 office bearers with Com.Dipak Chakraborty (President) and Com. Sujit Choudhury (District Secretary) were elected unanimously.


The 4th triennial All India Conference of AIBDPA is scheduled to be held at Mysuru, Karnataka on 20th&21st December, 2022. The Reception Committee has been formed in a largely attended meeting at Bangalore on 08-11-2022. The following comrades were elected to the Reception Committee;

Advisors: (1) Com.G G Patil, Former AGS. (2) Com.C K Gundanna (AGS & Circle President, BSNLEU) (3) Com.H V Sudharashan (Circle Secretary, BSNLEU) (4) Com.H C Prakash (AGS,AIBDPA) (5) Com. Irfan Pasha, All India Treasurer,BSNLEU)

Chairman: Com.R B Tatapati (Circle President, AIBDPA)

Vice Chairmen: (1) Com. Basavaraj (District Secretary,AIBDPA) (2) Com.Puttaswamy, District Secretary, BSNLEU)

General Secretary: Com. Muddaiah ( Circle Secretary, AIBDPA) Mobile No. 9448344162.

Treasurer: Com.Annigeri (Circle Treasurer, AIBDPA) Mobile No.9448415770


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The 4th biennial Conference of Nalgonda District, Telangana was held at BSNL Bhawan, Nalgonda on 11-09-2022. Coms. D Shankar, CHQ Vice President and Ramachandradu, Circle Secretary addressed the conference and explained the issues and the just concluded agitational programme. The biennial report and audited accounts presented by the District Secretary and Treasurer were approved after discussion. Coms. K Ramachandram (President) N Sudharshan Reddy (District Secretary) V Chandra Reddy(Treasurer) are the important functionaries elected unanimously.


It has come to our notice an open letter floated by AIBSNLPWA inviting other pensioners organisations for a joint online meeting on 12th September, 2022 on pension revision issue.

Is this organisation sincere and serious of the joint efforts for the settlement of this vital issue.?

We don’t think so.

Primarily this is not the proper way to invite other organisations.Are the other organisations not known to them and are these organisations address less to call them through an open letter? This type of treatment amounts to nothing but insult.

AIBDPA has also tried for a joint struggle earlier in 2020 for the settlement of the important issue by writing to all the important organisations individually. So the intention of this organisation is not actually for unity of all the pensioners organisations but only to save their skin from utter embarrassment.

They claimed that their proposal for pension revision with CPC fitment has been agreed to by the MOC. DoT also approved it and sent to DOP&PW. It was published in their website under the name of the General Secretary on 25-08-2022. The date of the posting is important that it was on the previous day AIBDPA staged an historic and massive Sanchar Bhawan March participated by more than 2000 pensioners in culmination of the three phased agitation started with the Demands Day on 22-06-2022 and followed by Mass Dharna at SSA level on 20th July. Perhaps the biggest agitation in the history of any pensioners movement in India. Naturally, this has put the Government to tremendous pressure and compelled to do something positive. The struggle got support and solidarity from all central government employees and pensioners organisations led by Confederation and NCCPA, AIPRPA, Trade Union International ( Pensioners & Retirees) and main Service union in BSNL , BSNLEU which is also a significant factor for positive result. BSNL management had to allot necessary funds for clearing medical bills and allowance pending for the last four years. Also the management has now issued orders for regulating the payment of Medical benefits at par with the employees.

After the General Secretary, their President again wrote in their website glorifying the “Great Achievement” and praising and thanking the General Secretary, Vice President etc as if orders are issued. He also claimed the sole authority and proprietorship of the achievement.The very next day, their General Secretary vide his posting had to state that according to another pensioners organisation, the DoT proposal is reported to be for zero percent fitment and complained that DoT is not transparent. All these have thoroughly exposed the hollowness of their tall and fake claims even among their own members. And that is why we say that the open letter is nothing but another gimmick to save their skin.

We are not in the habit of spreading speculations and rumours and it is unbecoming of any genuine organisation

.Regarding Pension Revision, basically it is only the Central Government to take a decision and once a positive decision is taken by the government, no buerocracy can scuttle it. So there is no point in accusing the buerocracy alone. The stand of the government is based on its neoliberal policy being implemented aggressively. It is not because one minister culture less and another minister cultured. So pressure has to be exerted through struggles to change the stand of the government and that is what exactly AIBDPA is doing.

We don’t belittle the efforts of any pensioners organisation on the issue of pension revision. We have the firm opinion that we want the support of the employees organisations also for the settlement of pension revision as in the case of pension revision in 2007, 78.2% IDA fitment and annulment of 60:40 condition etc. It is also to be remembered that in 2018, in the wake of the two days strike by AUAB, the then Minister had to state that pension revision will be delinked from wage revision

So the need of the hour is to build broad unity not only among the pensioners organisations but also that of the employees organisations. It is also important that mere lip service will not serve the purpose but further powerful agitations may be warranted for a reasonable settlement of pension revision.We shall wholeheartedly welcome any initiative from any organisation in this direction.


The Co-ordination Committee (CoC) of BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNL CCWF had already given call to organise a Human Chain programme, against the National Monetisation Pipeline, disinvestment  and privatisation policies of the government. However, this programme had to be postponed under unavoidable circumstance. Now, the Co-ordination Committee has decided to organise this Human Chain programme on 14.09.2022. This programme should be organised in places where the general public gather. All the circle and district secretaries of AIBDPA are requested to successfully organise this Human Chain programme, in coordination with the BSNLEU and BSNL CCWF. Please give wide publicity of the programme and reports/photos be sent to CHQ..


CHQ is saddened to report the sad demise of Ms. Jyotsa Das, beloved wife of Com.M R Das, AGS at Guwahati on 04th September, 2022. She was ailing for some time long and under traetment in various hospitals, including the Super Speciality hospital at Bangalore. Unfortunately all these efforts could not save her life and she breathed her last due to multiple organ failure. CHQ pays homage to the departed wife of Com.M R Das and conveys heartfelt condolences to him and other family members.

Massive worker peasant convention held at New Delhi


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A Massive worker peasant convention was held in the Talkatora Indoor Stadium at New Delhi today. Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) and the All India Agricultural Workers Union (AIAWU) organised this convention. BSNLEU participated as an invitee. Comrades of BSNLEU participated in this Convention from Haryana, UP(East), UP(West) and Uttarakhand. A presidium consisting of Com.K. Hemalata, President, CITU, Com. Ashok Dhawale, President, AIKS and Com.Vijayaraghavan, President, AIAWU, presided over. Many burning issues of the workers, peasants and agricultural workers, were discussed in this meeting. The Convention passed a Declaration and 12 point charter of demands. The charter of demands include stopping of the privatisation of public sector undertakings, scrapping of the National Monetisation Pipeline, scraping of the 4 Labour Codes,   Rs.26,000/- Minimum Wage, Minimum Support Price for agricultural products and other demands. The Declaration adopted by the Convention in Hindi and English are given above. (Courtesy:BSNLEU Website)


Indian business tycoon, Gautam Adani has pipped Bernard Arnault of Louis Vuitton, France to become the 3rd richest person of the world according to the Blooming Billionaires Index. He has a net worth of 137.4 billion US dollars. The net worth of Elon Musk , the richest is 251 billion US dollars and that of the second richest Jeff Bezoz is 153 billion US dollaras. The elevation of Adani to this position in stunning pace is mainly due to the undue patronage of the governments and banks. Gautam Adani has added 60.9 billion US dollars to his fortune in 2022 alone, five times more than anyone elese. Adani’s Business Empire is spread to every sector, ports-airports, cement, coal mines, gas distribution, data centres, media,alumina and off late telecom. But worries also growing over the exponential growth. A CreditSight report says Adani’s deals spree has been predominantly funded with debt with every possibility of default. ( source: The Economic Times)

The number of Indian billionaries was only 09 in 2000 and in 2022 it is 166, thanks to the pro-corporate neo-liberal economic policies of the central government. While the Indian billionaires retained 99% of their wealth in the Covid-19 scenario, billionaires in other countries have lost 83% in their wealth. This thoroughly exposes the pro-rich economic stimulus packages of the central government during the period of the pandemic. The latest Oxfam India report states that 84% of the Indian households witnessed an income decline amid the covid-19 pandemic. The richest 98 Indians own the same wealth as the bottom 552 million people. In the report, India is described as a very unequal country.