CHQ had already intimated through the Circular that Circle branches may intimate the names of willing comrades to CHQ for finalising the list of our delegates before 31-08-2019. However barring Tamil Nadu, Assam, UP (W) and Maharashtra, no other circle branches have given willingness. CHQ once again request the circles, particularly major circles, to give the names early.

Entitlement of Delegates and Information about AIC NCCPA



13-C Feroze Shah Road,

New Delhi. 110 001.


E mail:


SECY. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030

Dated:  12th September,, 2019

Dear Comrades,

We were not favoured with a reply to our communication  by many seeking information regarding membership and remittances,  though we sent that letter a few months back.  In the absence of the requisite details we could not prepare the due statement  of subscription. Now that the Conference is slated for November, 2019, it would not be possible to wait for the reply indefinitely.

The undersigned had been to Jaipur to have an interaction with the comrades of the host unit of the 4th All India Conference, i.e. CGPA, Jaipur.  The host unit has booked the venue for the conference  and 37 rooms to accommodate the guests.  It would be sufficient only to house about 150-170 delegates at the maximum.  Taking into account the physical condition of our delegates, we have requested that every delegate is to be provided with folding cots and proper beddings.  Jaipur will be very cold during November and the climate can go into a worse mould.  All Com. Delegates  must  therefore be requested to carry sufficient warm clothing ..  A detailed itinerary has been prepared for the conduct of the conference  and the same is enclosed.  The host unit and the CHQ will expect the co-operation from all concerned. Delegates may submit their views in writing if it could not be presented within the time frame decided upon by the Presidium.

We have decided to allot one delegate for every 500 paid up membership with a minimum of one delegate for each unit.  We have annexed the list of membership of each affiliate and State unit as  has been informed to us either orally or in writing.  Some details have been taken from the records of the last conference   On the basis of this information, the dues are computed.  The dues are to be cleared at the latest by 10.10.2019.  If there is any discrepancies, the same may be brought o our notice immediately for necessary correction.  We have indicated the maximum number of delegates if the dues are paid in full. Taking into account, the financial difficulties, we request all affiliates and State Units to clear the dues as early as possible.

Some of the affiliates and State Units have enquired about observers being permitted to attend the conference.   We have discussed the mater with our host unit. The observers would be permitted, provided they are able to make detheir own arrangements for stay at Jaipur  They will of course will be provided food at the conference venue if informed in advance.

Kindly intimate the journey details to the host unit as also the CHQ through e mail. This will help us in extending help and assistance, when they reach Jaipur.  Remittances are to be made to the savings bank account the details of which are mentioned hereunder.  After transferring the amount, the payer  may intimate the details to the treasurer by post to issue receipt.

with Greetings

Yours fraternally,


Secretary General.


S.No Name Members Due Paid Balance Entitlement if fully paid Due
1 AlPRPA 10000  30000 28850 1150 20
2 AIBDPA 10000 30000 43500 nil  20
3 ITPF 4500  9300 9300 nil  9
4 Audit 1700  1700 .. 1700  3
5 Fedn of CGPA, Kolkotta 3000  9000 4320 4680  6
6 Coffee Board 1600  3200 .. 3200  3
7 CGPA, Kerala 14000  42000 15000 17000  28
8 CGPA, Kolkotta 15000 45000 25000 20000  30
9 CGPA, Hyderabad 15000 45000 .. 45000  30
10 NCCPA, H.P. Unit 600  600 .. 600 1
11 Ground Water Board 1000  2000 .. 2000 2
12 Railway Pensioners, Ajmer 400  1200 .. 1200 1
13 CGPA, Nagpur 1500  4500 1500 3000 3
14 Postal A/cs, Nagpur 400  1200 765 435 1
15 CGPA, Rajasthan  Jaipur 10000  30000 20000 10000 20
16 CGPA Indore 430  1290 430 860 1
17 CGPA Khandwa 400  1200 300 900 1
18 UCGP Assn, Hooghly 300  900 300 600 1
19 CGPA Chitorgarh 400  1200 400 800 1
20 Civil Audit and Accounts.Nagpur 300  900 300 600 1
21 Central & State Pensioners Assn, Nagpur  2000  6000 3000 3000 4
22 PNB Pensioners Assn 6000  6000 6000 nil  12

Name of the Bank:     Syndicate Bank.

Branch Name:  India Park Branch, RZ 44331. Street No. 24, Sadh Nagar, Palam Colony, New Delhi. 110 0045.

MICR Code:                110025329

IFSC No.                     SYNB 0009188

Account  No.               91882010026870

Account is the joint name of the Finance Secretary and Secretary General i.e. Harbajan Lal Sidhu and K.K.N. Kutty.



  1. The Conference, , will be held at Jaipur on 1stand 2nd Nov. 2019
  2. The Conference shall commence at 10.30 AM on I.11. 2019.
  3. Delegates are expected to reach on Ist morning or 31stOctober, night as the case may be.  The reception committee will arrange for breakfast  on 1st at 8.00AM upto 9.30 AM.
  4. Flag hoisting at 10.00AM.
  5. Delegates who have reached on 31st will be provided morning tea/coffee with and without sugar at 6.00AM latest.
  6. The inaugural session, which will commence at 10.30AM shall be concluded at 1.30PM. on Ist. Nov. 2019.
  7. Lunch will be served at 1.30 PM  to 3.00 PM.
  8. The National executive will meet at 3.00PM and shall conclude its deliberation by 4.30PM.
  9. The subject session will commence at 5.00PM  after the tea and snax are served.
  10. Secretary General will present the report and  the Treasurer the accounts.  The Conference will decide upon the various committees to conduct the subject session.  Viz. Credential, Steering, resolution  committees etc
  11. The delegates will submit the names of those who want to participate in the deliberation and present their views to the Presidium by 9.00PM on I.11.2019.
  12. The business session on Ist November, 2019 will be concluded at 8.30 PM and shall break for dinner.  The dinner will be served upto 10.30 PM on Ist November, 2019.
  13. Proceedings will be conducted by a Presidium consisting of President, Working President and Vice Presidents.
  14. The Presidium will normally permit one delegate from each state/affiliate and other if time permit.
  15. On 2ndNovember, the session will commence at 9.30AM and therefore breakfast will be served between 7.30 and 8.30AM.
  16. There will be a tea break on 2.11.2019 at 11 AM  and the conference will be reassembled at 11.30 AM.
  17. The deliberations will be concluded by 1.30PM which will be followed by the summing up and reply by the Secretary General.
  18. Lunch break on 2.11.2019 will commence at 2.00 PM ;
  19. The session will recommence at 3.00 consider other items in the agenda.
  20. Election of new office bearers at 4.00PM.
  21. The tea will be served at 3.00 PM before the  recommencement of the Conference.
  22. Conference is expected to be concluded latest by 5.30 PM followed by tea and snax.
  23. The time schedule is tentative and shallbe altered by the Presidium to meet exigencies.
  24. Dinner will be provided at 8.30 PM on 2.11.2019.
  25. For the convenience of the delegates who are to leave early, the reception committee may make arrangements to pack their dinner if request is made on 1.11.2019.
  26. The host unit will make arrangements to provide  accommodation  from 3.00PM on 31stOctober and upto 10.30AM on 3rdNovember, 2019.
  27. On ly Tea and Snax and dinner will be served on 31stOctober, 2019.
  28. Similarly only break-fast will be served by the host unit on 3.11.2019.
  29. Those who require room, accommodation, food etc. on 31stOctober, 2019 and 3rd November, 2019 must  pre-book the same.  Arrangements will be made by the host Unit only for those who requisition it for 31st October, 2019 and 3rd November, 2019.
  30. Morning tea (with biscuits)/confee with  and without sugar, break-fast, Lunch, tea and snax in the morning and evening, dinner  on 1stand 2nd November, 2019 will be provided by the host unit to all.
  31. The arrangements on 31stOctober, 2019 and 3rd November will only for those who have pre-booked it.
  32. Delegates fee:   Rs. 800 per delegate and Rs.500 per observer.
  33. Since all the delegates will be beyond the age of 60 and are supposed to be suffering from some ailments, room with certain minimum facilities will have to be provided.  , like,  toilets, , hot water, drinking water etc.
  34. Conference venue may be provided with the following;

(a)    Computer or laptop

(b)   Internet, wifi facility

(c)    Stationery- computer paper, printing machine, etc.

(d)   A dedicated shop for  photocopy facility

(e)   An experienced comrade for ticket booking or the counter of a reputed travel agent’

(f)     Facility of a travel agent for local sight seeing at the delegates’ cost.

(g)    Primary health care facility.  A Doctor at least  twice a day on Ist and 2nd November, 2019.

(h)   Facility of a small shop ( either dedicated or at the venue) where the small daily needs are made available.

(i)      A dedicated shop near the venue for general medicines or prescribed medicines.

(j)     Conveyance: One or two standby car.

(k)    One comrade, who can book ola or uber cars for the delegates.

(l)      Engage 10-15 young working comrades to help the delegates, who may  have their own motor bikes etc.

(m) Provide paper towels,waste basket at as many places as possible.

(n)   Provide,if possible, chairs at the conference venue with writing facility.

(o)   Provide a small shoulder bag for the deleagates to keep  the documents, writing pad, pen etc.

(p)   Provide badges for delegates, observers, guests  in separate designs.]

(q)   Observers are permitted in the conference with the specific sanctionof the Sectt.

(r)     Register of attendance at the conference venue. To be signed by all the delegates.

(s)    Registration committee to commence work from 31st October, 2019 and shall continue upto 11.00 PM and will restart at 6.00AM the next day.

(t)     NCCPA will give details of the delegates, Register of the registration committee shall have the following information from the delegates.  Sl.No. Name, State/affiliate representing. Mobile No. Receipt No of delegation fees remitted.

(u)   The reception committee will send in a communication indicating the arrangements made, the venue address, telephone numbers etc to all the affiliates and state units  as early possible.  They may requisition the following information to be supplied to them latest by 15.10.2019.

(i)                  Name

(ii)                State/affiliate

(iii)               Date and time of reaching Jaipur

(iv)              Mode of transport  and its arrival time at Jaipur.

(v)                Whether accommodation and food needed on 31.10.19 and 1.11.2019.

(vi)              Date and time of departure

(vii)             Whether interested in Jaipur sight seeing at own cost on 3.11.2019.

(viii)           Languages spoken

(ix)              Whether accommodation at own cost is needed after 3.11.2019 and if so the range of room rent prepared to pay

(x)                Whether suffering from any ailments, if so details thereof

(xi)              Advice them of the climatic condition of Jaipur in November and caution them of the dress needed.

(xii)             Intimate them that only North Indian Vegetarian food will only be available.

(xiii)           Ask the kitchen in charge to reduce spices and sugar in food prepared.

(xiv)           Tea or Coffee without sugar is a must and must be provided for.

(xv)            Ensure that delegates are taken from the railway station, bus stand or airport as the case may by the conveyance provided by the transport committee.  They may be dropped for departure and collect all requisite details from them

(xvi)           Advise the delegates to prepare their speeches if they wish to deliver at the Conference in writing and bring sufficient copies for circulation.  Even after the oral speech, such written documents maybe circulated.

(xvii)         Please consult a dietician and prepare an appropriate diet for those who are suffering from diabetic.  Collect the conformation from the delegates if explore whether it could be provided or not.

(xviii)   Reception committee may be requested to provide a small conference hall at the venue for the conduct of the NE or sect. Meeting during the conference. As far as possible, the Sectt. members may be provided accommodation at the same place.


Valsad District Branch in Gujarat has held its biennial conference on 29-08-2019 under the presidentship of senior leader Com. M G Chaudhari.  Com.K K Patel, District Secretary welcomed the participants. Com. R D Singh delivered the inaugural address and explained the current issues confronting the pensioners.

The biennial report and audited accounts presented by the District Secretary, Com.K K Patel and Treasurer Com.L M Surati, respectively, were adopted after discussion.

The conference elected the new set of office bearers, unanimously, including Com. M G Chaudhari (President), Com.K K Patel (District Secretary) and Com.L M Surati (Treasurer)