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Payments to CHQ towards quota, donation, subscription of Tele Pensioner may be sent through NEFT. If your bank account is in State Bank of India, it is easier to transfer the amount. And in cases of bank account in some other bank, the amount be transferred through NEFT( National Electronic Fund Transfer).

Please inform CHQ after transferring the amount with name of the district branch, date of payment and amount and other details like quota/ donation etc. This is very important and necessary for issuing receipt and accounting.

State Bank of India.
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All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association
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Trade Union International ( Pensioners & Retirees) had an important meeting virtually on 2nd February night of leaders of world countries. The meeting was organized by the General Secretary Comrade Quim Boix and was presided over by the President of the organization Comrade Dimos Koumpouris of Greece. This meeting discussed the draft report of General Secretary TUI(P&R) Comrade Quim Boix for the 2024 World Congress. The meeting remembered the great contribution of Comrade KKN Kutty, who passed away on 8th December, 2022. From India both Comrades K.G.Jayaraj and K.Ragavendran attended and addressed. Written interventions by them also were sent earlier by both of them. Indian conditions and sturggles of united workers and the new initiative for struggles against NPS were presented in the responses. They expressed the desire that the draft report of world congress to be educative to all. Indian leaders wanted the help of WFTU intervention with various Asian Countries so that the Asia Regional Conference of TUI at Kerala on 1 October, 2023 is attended by delegates from different Asian countries. Com..Swastika Dasgupta( Vice President,AIBDPA) was proposed to the TUI Women Wing by the Indian leaders. The meeting took note of Struggle by French Workers and Retirees and discussed in detail of the prevailing conditions against pensioners and workers in different continents. Comrade Quim Boix General Secretary assured to discuss with the leadership of WFTU regarding the pension issue of Bank Pensioners of India. The next meeting will be held on 19th or 20th of April, 2023.


Com.K G Jayaraj, General Secretary had a telephonic discussion with Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member ( Services) on today, the 31st January,2023.

At the outset,General Secretary extended all the best Wishes to Dr. Mahesh Shukla who is retiring on superannuation on today.Regarding pension revision, Member (Services) stated that the calculation sought on 5% .10,% and 15% fitment has been received from the Controller General of Communication Accounts. Now, the Hon’ble MOC has to take a decision on the fitment and he will be meeting the MOC today itself. He also stated that he is only glad to extend his services on pension revision even after his retirement.

General Secretary, on behalf of AIBDPA, extended our gratitude to the Member (Services) for his initiative and continuing efforts for the settlement of pension revision pending for the last six years.


26 January 2022 : Republic Day wishes, images, quotes, and Greetings

India is celebrating the 74 th Republic Day on 26-01-2023. AIBDPA extends very warm greetings to all of you on this happy occasion. While we are all proud of the progress India has made during all these 76 years of Independence, we are equally concerned about the attacks on the very foundation of the constitution. It is not a secret that there are concerted efforts from the ruling class themselves to change the basic structure of the constitution. We are witnessing handing over of national assets to the corporate in the name of National Monetisation Pipeline. Gautham Adani has jumped in to the second richest in the world. At the same time the gap between the rich and poor has widened alarmingly. Challenges are plenty before us and we have to affirm to continue the fight for the protection of the constitution and against the attacks on the people, workers and pensioners.


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The 2nd Circle Conference of Maharashtra was held at the conference hall of CGMT office, Mumbai on 21-01-2023. Com. P G Suryavanshi, Circle President presided. All the leaders and distinguished guests were honoured with bouquets and shawls by the Reception Committee. ComV A N Namboodiri Advisor inaugurated the conference explaining the great fighting tradition of the P& T Trade Union movement, the issues of pensioners, the struggles and achievements.

Com.K G Jayaraj, General Secretary delivered the key note address. He gave a good account of the developments in the recent past including the positive results of the historic Sanchar Bhawan March, CGHS issues, rejection of Parliamentary Standing Committee recommendations by the government, formation of Joint Forum of 8 BSNL/ MTNL Pensioners organisations for pension revision, Mysuru AIC decisions etc. Shri.A Pradeepan, DGM(HR), CGMT office, Coms. Pushpa Sadanand Pharate, AGS, Santosh A Soni, CHQ Organising Secretary, Nagesh Kumar Nalawade, Vice President, BSNLEU CHQ, Ganesg Hinge, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Yusuf Hussain, General Secretary, BSNL CCWF addressed the conference.

In the subject session Com.R N Patil Circle Secretary presented the report on activities. Com.Arun Ingale, Circle Treasurer submitted the audited Accounts. Both the report and Accounts were adopted after discussion and reply by the Circle Secretary.Office bearers were elected unanimously with Com. R N Patil ( President), Com.M I Jakati ( Circle Secretary) and Com.Arun Ingale ( Treaurer). With the concluding speech of Com.V A N Namboodiri for strengthening the organisation and singing of National Anthem, the conference came to the end at 9PM.The Reception Committee headed by Coms. Ramesh Gadigaonkar made excellent arrangements for the conference


 NCCPA Emails to Honourable Minister of Communications & IT, New Delhi

Secretary Department of Telecommunications, New Delhi

On Up dation of Pension from 01.01.2017



(Registered undder the T.U. Act.No. RTU01/2021.Dated.7.01.2021


13C – Feroze Shah Road, New Delhi -110 001

Website: nccpahq.blogspot.in                                                    

Shiva Gopal Mishra  , President              K.Ragavendran, Secretary General                               

NCCPA / BSNL Pension / 2023                                                                      Dated 19th January, 2023


1.      Shri.AshwiniVaishnaw,

 Minister of Communications & IT

 Sanchar Bhawan,

 New Delhi – 110001

2.      Shri. K.Rajaraman

 Secretary, DoT

       Sanchar Bhawan

New Delhi – 110001


Sub: Pension Revision of BSNL absorbed pensioners from 01.01.2017 – regarding.

The All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association (AIBDPA) is our affiliate and hence the NCCPA is writing this letter on behalf of BSNL absorbed Pensioners requesting their updation of pension which is overdue from 01.01.2017.

The BSNL absorbed Pensioners should get their pension revision from 01.01.2017 irrespective of the wage revision from the same date for the serving employees of BSNL. This is clear from the agreement entered by the Government that the old arrangement of 60:40 sharing the expenditure of quantum of pension between the BSNL and the Central Government was replaced by full expenditure to be borne by the Consolidated Fund of India under the Central Government. As the total expenditure of pension head is to be granted by the Government, neither the profit loss account of the BSNL nor the wage agreement allowing enhancement for the serving employees shall come in the way of postponing the pension revision for the Pensioners. Moreover, the pension contribution of these absorbed pensioners has been paid at the maximum of their respective pay scales for the combined service. Since the date of revision of pension happens to be 01.01.2017 (i.e., 10 years from the earlier pension revision), any up dation of pension should be from that date only. Therefore, the pension revision has to be delinked from the wage revision, and this factor was agreed by the Department of Telecommunications also but it is only a question of fitment percentage of revision that has to be decided.

The third PRC has recommended a maximum fitment of 15% and the BSNL pensioners fully deserved to get the same fitment as the last pension revision was implemented with 30% fitment, the maximum recommended by 2nd PRC from 01.01.2007. Further, their counterparts, the central Government pensioners have got their pension revision with 2.57 multiple factor from 01-01-2016. So, any other percentage of fitment lower than 15% will be mockery of pension updation.

The absorbed Pensioners of BSNL are much anguished over the inordinate delay of pension revision for the past six years and there was a big march of BSNL Pensioners in New Delhi on 24-08.2022 at the call of the affiliate of our NCCPA viz., All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association, in which thousands of Pensioners participated to show their resolve. It is a fact that after that only the DoT started to move the files for pension revision of absorbed BSNL Pensioners.

The National Coordination Committee comprising of many Central Government All India Associations and State level CGPA affiliates as well as the Public Sector Pensioners Associations including the AIBDPA expects that the issue of upward revision of pension to the absorbed pensioners of BSNL will be taken up by Telecom Ministry without any further loss of time, without forcing this Apex Body of Pensioners Association to resort to big agitations along with the AIBDPA.

A line in reply will receive our high appreciation.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


( K Ragavendran)

Secretary General