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Payments to CHQ towards quota, donation, subscription of Tele Pensioner may be sent through NEFT. If your bank account is in State Bank of India, it is easier to transfer the amount. And in cases of bank account in some other bank, the amount be transferred through NEFT( National Electronic Fund Transfer).

Please inform CHQ after transferring the amount with name of the district branch, date of payment and amount and other details like quota/ donation etc. This is very important and necessary for issuing receipt and accounting.

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Com.N K Sribastava, Circle Secretary inaugurated the District Conference of Katihar on 17-10-2021. Circle Secretary gave a good account of developments in the recent past with regard to the issues of pensioners, BSNL and the country at large.

The conference elected the office bearers unanimously with Com. P K Sah (President) CCom.B K Singh (District Secretary) and Com. D P Singh (Treasurer)


As part of celebrating the 13th Foundation Day of our mighty organisation, AIBDPA, a Webinar has been arranged to be held at 4PM to 6 PM on 21-10-2021. Prominent leaders including Com.A K Padmanabhan (CITU) and Com Shiv Gopal Mishra (Secretary , Staff Side, NJCM) are participating. We have to make the Webinar a grand success by ensuring maximum participation of our comrades. A smart phone with net facility is sufficient to join the Webinar. Zoom has to be downloded from the Play Store, if not done so far. Please join the webinar by 3.45 PM and keep the video and audio muted to ensure smooth conduct of the programme.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Webinar ID: 831 0459 7129
Passcode: 390530



The contents of the circular issued in connection with the 13 th Foundation Day of AIBDPA seems to have irked certain leaders of one of the Pensioners Organisations.These people in the name of putting the records straight is trying to create confusion and misunderstanding about the anomaly among the Pensioners.

We are reproducing the DoT order/letter of 2011. The first para of the order says that the proposal to settle the issue of anomaly was examined in consultation with the DoP&PW and Department of Expenditure and not agreed to. The proposal for rectification of anomaly put forward by BSNLEU, after a series of discussions including in JCM National Council and struggles conducted had to be accepted by the BSNL management. That is how the proposal to grant IDA pay notionally for the months in which CDA pay was drawn was sent to DoT for approval by BSNL.

The first para of this order itself is the answer for the question what BSNLEU has done

. It is specifically mentioned in the order that it is based on the clarification issued by DOP&PW and implemented with effect from 01-01-1996 to extend full minimum pension to all retirees irrespective of their date of retirement 50% of minimum of the revised corresponding revised pay scale. The same formula is directed to be extended to the absorbed BSNL retirees retired within ten months of formation of BSNL,having combined service and covered under Rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rules,1972.

So it is nothing new that this benefit was available with effect from 1996 for the central government retirees.But the astonishing fact is that these people has nothing against the government for rejecting the proposal beneficial to the affected pensioners. Instead, baseless allegations are made against BSNLEU and AIBDPA. They also conveniently forget the fact that they were also part of BSNLEU, occupying the posts of Deputy General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary.

They are advocating a new perspective that only a good calculator and a brilliant advocate are enough to settle the issues of pensioners.

Actually, they are deeply frustrated due to the isolation from Pensioners movement, nationally and globally. They claim free from affiliation to any apex organisations and completely independent as their best qualification. Of course, they have every right for it.

The continuous struggles of AIBDPA on important issues and it’s close association with the serving unions and national and international pensioners organisations and the united struggles have naturally embarrassed them.

They have also the record of failed attempts to appease certain ministers and get the demand conceded by giving huge amount collected, rather exploited from poor pensioners. And they never hesitate to utilise every opportunity for such collection of huge funds. Of late, even before the order of settlement of anomaly was issued, the unending hunger for money is evident from their call for another collection. This time fortunately, collection on the basis of per cent of benefit is not mentioned.

When pension revision of pre 2007 retirees was settled after much discussion and agitation by BSNLEU, United Forum & AIBDPA, they claimed that it was made possible due to the aqaintance of their Deputy General Secretary’s relative had with one of the personal staff of the then Minister of Communications, Shri. Kapil Sibal.

When orders extending the benefit of 78.2% IDA fixation and Annulment of 60:40 condition were issued after sustained struggles, full credit was given to the then Minister of Fertilizers & Chemicals, late Shri. Ananta Kumar. He was given a reception and lot of presentations in a specially arranged convention.

In the case of pension revision from 2017, they collected Rs 1cr + from the Pensioners giving the illusion of easy settlement and gave to Shri. Prahlad Joshi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. The Minister reciprocated by arranging a meeting with Shri.Ravi Shankar Prasad, then Minister of Communications. However, Shri.Ravi Shankar Prasad shut the door at their face. This was the provocation for these people to approach the PCAT, New Delhi for pension revision.

All these show their lack of faith in organisation and the struggles by workers and pensioners.We have only sympathy for them.

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Inordinate delay in the payment of medical bills of the serving and retired employees – BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL, demanding immediate payment..

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There is inordinate delay in the payment of the medical bills of the serving and retired BSNL employees. The medical bills of the retired employees is not paid from April, 2019 onwards, which means there is a delay of two and half years. The medical bills of the serving employees is not paid from April, 2020. There is one and half years delay in respect of the serving employees. This issue has been raised a number of times with the CMD BSNL. Every time, the strained financial condition of the Company is being shown as the reason for the non-payment of the bills.   BSNLEU has written to the CMD BSNL today, demanding immediate payment of all the pending medical bills.

( BSNLEU Website)


.Dear Comrades,

The 13th Foundation Day of All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association, the mighty and militant organisation falls on 21st October, 2021.

It was at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi AIBDPA was born in a Convention on 21-10-2009 participated by delegates from almost all the Circles. BSNL Employees Union, the largest and only recgnised Union of the Non-executives at that time took the decision to form a separate Pensioners Organisation in its Central Executive Committee Meeting held at Mysuru on 27th to 29th August, 2009. The decision was taken due to the galloping of Pensioners issues like Denial of benefits of 50% IDA merger to pre 2007 pensioners, Pension Revision to pre 2007 BSNL retirees in IDA Pay, Non- settlement of anomaly in Pension to those retired within ten months of formation of BSNL etc. These issues were included in the Charter of Demands of the United Forum of all unions in BSNLfor a phased program of Agitation culminated in the two day Strike on 19th and 20th August, 2009. Most importantly, the government was moving ahead for Parliamentary approval for the draconian Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) bill.

The Delhi Convention was historical for the participation of a galaxy of veterans and stalwarts like Com.M K Pandhe, then President, CITU and Vice President, WFTU, Com.S K Vyas, President, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers and Secretary General, NCCPA and our own leaders, Com.V A N Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLU , Com.Ananta Kumar Bhattacharjee ( Kolkata) and Com.P V Chandrasekharan ( Kerala).

The inaugural address of Com.M.K. Pandhe was simply great and enthusiastic. He declared in uncertain terms that Pensioners are part and parcel of the working class and a force to be reckoned. The Pensioners have the potential to fight and unity with workers is necessary to achieve the important demands. Yes, these were the guidelines for the Policy and Programme adopted by the Convention. The background paper presented by Com.V A N Namboodiri and draft Constitution by the sub committee headed by Com.P V Chandrasekharan were adopted after discussion and with certain modifications. A 25 point Charter of Demands were identified including Withdraw PFRDA and scrap NPS, Grant Pension Revision to pre 2007 BSNL retirees in IDA pay, Settle the Anomaly in Pension to those retired within ten months of formation of BSNL .Parity in Pension, Enhance the monthly medical allowance of DoT retirees to Rs.1000, No disinvestment in BSNL.

The salient features of the Policy and Programme adopted were (1) Organise struggles for settlement of the demands.(2) Cordial relation with serving unions of BSNL and joining their struggles (3) Support and Solidarity to the struggles and strikes of Central Trade Unions.

The Convention elected Office Bearers with Com.V A N Namboodiri (Advisor) Com. P V Chandrasekharan ( Patron) Ananta Kumar Bhattacharjee ( President) K G Jayaraj ( General Secretary).

An Office Bearers’ Meeting was held on 14-12-2009 and reviewed the outcome of the meeting with Shri.A Raja, Communications Minister on 17-11-2009. The representatives could convince the Minister about the justification for pension revision on IDA pay scales. However,as there was no progress in respect of other demads, the meeting decided to give a call for a nationwide Dharna at SSA level on 29-01-2010. Not a single Circle Branch was formed at that time but we had the confidence on the Pensioners in the country. And it proved to be absolutely right with good response from every nook and corner of the country. It was the beginning of a series of struggles including Parliament March , Sanchar Bhavan March etc. during the eventful 12 years

AIBDPA got affiliated with NCCPA and BCPC, the apex organisations of pensioners associations. When an international organisation of Pensioners, TUI(P&R), was formed by WFTU in 2013 at Barcelona, Com.V A N Namboodiri represented AIBDPA and got affiliated. Com.V A N was elected as Member of Technical Committee. Com.K G Jayaraj attended the 2nd Congress of TUI(P&R) held at Bogota, Colombia in 2019 and was elected as Executive Board Member.

We feel proud that we could achieve significant gains during this period. Pension Revision for the pre 2007 BSNL Pensioners in IDA pay scales, Benefits on 78.2% IDA fixation, Annulment of 60:40 condition. Quarters to DoT and BSNL retirees, 60% concession on broadband connection, 40% concession on FTTH, Timely payment of IDA instalments, Rs.1000 monthly medical allowance to DOT retirees, Option 3 benefits to DOT retirees etc are the important achievements. Of late DoT has issued the orders for settlement of anomaly of BSNL Pensioners retired within10 months of formation of BSNL based on Supreme Court order. In this regard, BSNL Employees Union and AIBDPA had made concerted efforts and conducted several struggles for early settlement. The DoT issued an order in 2011 granting 50% of the minimum of the corresponding revised pay. This has given partial relief to some of the affected pensioners. We protested against this unilateral order and demanded final settlement as in the case of anomaly after 5th CPC implementation. Thereafter, while pursuing the issue further, some of the affected pensioners and one of the Pensioners Organisations filed cases in CATs and DoT refused to discuss the issue pleading subjudice. And that is how such a huge delay occurred in the settlement of anomaly.

We have grown as a class concious biggest organisation of BSNL and DoT Pensioners and the credit goes to thousands of Pensioners all over the country for reposing their faith in AIBDPA and their active participation in the struggles called by AIBDPA, NCCPA and United Forum/ Joint Forum/ AUAB. We thankfully acknowledge the effective interventions, struggles and strikes of the serving employees unions, particularly BSNLEU, NCCPA and Confederation for these achievements.

We have taken care to join the Struggles of Central Trade Unions during this period as part of our declared policy. We have also supported the ongoing historical struggle of the farmers against the anti-farmer farm laws enacted undemocratically by the Modi government. A humble donation of Rs.5 lakh was given to the All India Kisan Sabha. As per CHQ call our Comrades have contributed liberally to the PM Care Fund and Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund through the Circle Branches.

Ensuring democratic functioning is very important for any progressive organization. AIBDPA have held three triennial All India Conferences in 2013, 2016 and 2019 at Kannur, Tirupathi and Kolkata, respectively. Central Executive Committee Meetings are also held at regular intervals as per constitutional provisions.

The formation of Coordination Committee of BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNL CCWF and the joint struggles being launched has given added vigour and confidence amongst the employees, Pensioners and contract workers.

Still, we have to go a long way. Many important issues are yet to be resolved. Denial of medical benefits to BSNL Pensioners by the arrogant BSNL management is the most burning issue. Pension Revision due from 2017 with 15% fitment delinking wage revision is being dragged unjustifiably by the government. DR/ IDA instalments are being delayed without issuing orders. AIBDPA have conducted many effective countrywide struggles on these demands as decided by our Guwahati CEC. 110 Parliament Members including Ministers and Speaker, Lok Sabha were met and memorandum given. The Parliament March scheduled to be held on 12-03-2020 had to be postponed due to the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic.

Attempts are reported to be in the pipeline to scuttle the statutory defined Pension system by limiting the pension of older Pensioners of 70-75 to a fixed amount, Despite Revival Package for BSNL declared in October,2019, nothing except VRS is implemented. CHQ’ s timely intervention ensured Provisional Pension to the VRS retirees. The government and BSNL managementare are hand in glove to eliminate BSNL as part of anti- PSU policy being vigorously pursued by Modi government. These are the issues of paramount importance.

AIBDPA is the only Pensioners Association that intervened against freezing of three IDA instalments from 01-10-2020 to 30-06-2021. We took up the issue with the Minister of Public Enterprises stating that the freezing is not applicable to BSNL Pensioners. Though the Minister and DPE agreed to our argument, no further action was taken either by DoT or DPE. Thereafter AIBDPA filed a writ petition in the Honourable Kerala High Court and got a favourable Interim Order. But DoT has not implemented it and we are continuing the efforts for the final order.

So it is in this background ,we have to celebrate the 13th Foundation Day of our beloved AIBDPA on 21-10-2021. CHQ is organising a national level Webinar at 4 to 6 PM on this day. Details of the Webinar will be intimated in due course. Kindly ensure the silent participation of maximum Comrades,as there is no limit in the number of participants in the Webinar using Zoom technology. Circle/ District Secretaries are requested to celebrate the Foundation Day befittingly at all levels by hoisting AIBDPA flag, holding meetings, honouring super seniors, distributing sweets, distributing food/ clothes to the needy etc. Photos and reports be sent to CHQ.

Unity is our Motto.

Struggle is our Path.

Long live AIBDPA.

With warm Greetings,

K G Jayaraj

General Secretary



Department of Telecommunications has issued the orders on 7th October,2021 settling the long pending anomaly in pension to those retired within ten months of formation of BSNL.

1st pay revision was implemented with effect from 01-10-2000, the date on which BSNL formed. There was a significant and advantageous change in the pay scales. IDA pay scales, comparetavily, higher than CDA pay scales were granted with quarterly dearness allowance to BSNL absorbed employees.This was achieved after marathon discussions with the government and the crucial role was taken by the progressive section of the Telecom Unions under the leadership of Com. V A N Namboodiri defeating the reformist proposals of Com.O.P.Gupta. OPG had argued for lesser pay scales and pension in CDA pay scales. The IDA pay, point to point fixation and Pension on IDA pay benefitted the BSNL absorbed employees much.

However, as in the cases of other pay revisions, anomaly was occurred. Pension was being given during the pre 2006 period on the basis of the average of the last ten month’s pay. Hence, those who retired between October,2000 to June 2001 were drawing less pension as they had not drawn IDA pay for ten months.

BSNL Employees Union took up the issue seriously with the BSNL management and Department of Telecommunications and put forward constructive and practical proposals for the settlement of the anomaly.

The anomaly occurred of similar nature after implementation of 5th Pay Commission recommendations was settled by giving revised pay notionally for the months of prerevised pay.

The issue was prominently included in the Charter of Demands of BSNL Employees Union and several agitations including strikes were conducted. After All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association was formed on 21-10-2009, the Charter of Demands adopted by the formation Conference, this demand of anomaly was included. AIBDPA held serious discussion with the Minister of Communications and the concerned authorities. AIBDPA did not hesitate to launch agitations including Sanchar Bhavan March for the settlement.

But we have to understand the fundamental fact that we are dealing with a capitalist government with the class charector being pro- capitalist and anti- worker and the bureaucracy playing an active role to deny or delay even the legitimate rights of the workers and pensioners.

The 5th pay commission recommendations were implemented with effect from 01-01-1996. But the anomaly was settled after about four years. So also our Pension Revision due from 01-01-2007 could be settled only in 2011.

Seeking legal remedy should be the last resort for the following reasons;

(1) It is time consuming and nobody can predict the time limit.

(2) The Court case involves huge expenditure.

(3) Approaching the court is a double edged sword. The verdict may be favourable or against also.

(4) When somebody approaches the court, it gives the government and bureaucracy an opportunity to shunt the demand to the freezer pleading subjudice.

That is what exactly happened. The DoT had issued an order in 2011, granting 50% of the minimum of the revised pay scale as pension to the affected retirees after the original proposal was rejected by Department of Expenditure. AIBDPA strongly protested against this unilateral order and wrote to the Minister and pursued vigorously. However, DoT refused to discuss the issue after a court case was filed by one of the Pensioners Organisations.

Though the DoT issued the orders based on Honourable Supreme Court’s Order, the huge delay of 21 years is a big question mark.

Now our Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries have to see that the order is implemented at the earliest so that the benefit is paid to the affected Pensioners. If the Pensioner has expired, care should be taken to ensure payment of the benefit to the respective nominee/ legal heirs.


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Adilabad District Conference has been held successfully on 03-10-2021. The inaugural session was held jointly with BSNLEU. A host of leaders including Coms. D Shankar, CHQ Vice President, Ramachandradu, Circle Secretary, Veeraswamy, Circle President, Sambasiva Rao, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Paripurnachary, Circle Secretary, BSNLCCWF addressed the conference and explained the issues.

A new set of office bearers were elected unanimously with Com.S Anjanagoud (President) Com.R Kumarbabu (District Secretary) and Com. Venkiteswarlu (Treasurer)