23 May 2016

The WFTU expresses its indignation against the forced evacuation of oil storage facilities and its full solidarity with all workers in France, who are fighting against the law “travail” of the Social-Democratic government of François Hollande.

The WFTU expresses its full and fraternal support to its affiliate, the FNIC- CGT, which strengthens the struggle of workers until the withdrawal of this unacceptable draft law.

The government’s decision is to pass the law at all costs, serving the interests of the capital, shows that the working class, workers must have no illusions about the role of government, if it is a social-democratic government or a liberal government.

The only way for the working class is to strengthen the class-oriented trade unions, to be organized against the attacks of the capitalists.

The WFTU and its affiliated trade-unions in France will give all their strength to organise the working class of France against the “travail” law and any other attack against the workers.

The Secretariat



24 May 2016

The WFTU issued on May 24th, 2016,  the following statement in solidarity with the struggle of the seafarers of the ship “Ocean Glory” which is located in Drapetsona, Greece.


  • Department of Maritime Labour of Ministry of Maritime of Greece
  • Ministry of Labour of Greece
  • Nicolakis Shipping S.A
  • Mass Media
  • Maritime Unions


The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) representing 92 million workers in 120 countries, according to the information received by the Greek Maritime Unions PEMEN, STEFENSON, PEEMAGEN and based on the information received by the total crew of the M/V “Ocean Glory” of the shipping company NICOLAKIS SHIPPING S.A we declare our official protestation and we ask from the direct intervention of the immediate of the authorities for the solution of the issues mentioned below:

The WFTU denounces that in the ship, which is located in the repair pier of Drapetsona, Greece due to engine damage, the seafarers are facing serious problems.


  1. The Company has repeatedly with promises delayed to pay the salaries of the 11 crew members (3 Ukranians, 2 Russians, 6 from Ghana). Now they must receive their salaries of 5 months of work.
  2. 2 members of the crew of the engine are working 12 hours every day for 5 months in violation of international regulations for the “hours of rest” while the company is paying no overtime.
  3. Four members of the crew have asked for months their repatriation and their request has not been attained until today.

We demand the immediate intervention of the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Maritime for the solution of the problems faced by the seafarers of M/V “Ocean Glory”.



Shri. Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff side of JCM has stated in a circular that according to reliable sources, the cabinet note on the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission is being prepared and may be submitted to the cabinet shortly. It is not known as to what extent the demands of NJCA is incorporated in the cabinet note. In these circumstances a meeting of the NJCA is decided to be held on 4th June, 2016 to review the preparations for the indefinite strike of central government employees from 11th July, 2016. 

Ghassan Ghosn, CGT-Lebanon elected General Secretary of ICATU

20 May 2016
The 13th Congress of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions took place on 17-19 May 2016, in Sharm-El-Sheikh of Egypt.
Alexandra Liberi, WFTU Head of Mass Media and Communications Department represented WFTU in this Congress and addressed a greeting message expressing the WFTU solidarity with the Arab people.
Following a succesful Congress, with democratic process and wide participation from the Arab Trade Unions a new Executive Council was elected as well as a new General Secretary of ICATU.
Brother Ghassan Ghosn, from CGT-Lebanon was elected in the post of General Secretary of this historic and important regional Organization for the next 5 years.
The Secretariat of the WFTU in its congratulatory letter to the new General Secretary said: “We wish you all strength, courage and determination in the difficult task you have taken upon your shoulders in the leadership of this historic and important regional Organization. From our side we will continue to build the fraternal relations between WFTU and ICATU, to support and defend ICATU and the Arab trade union movement for the benefit of all Arab people. We hope that our cooperation and brotherhood can continue to mature day after day.”
A letter was send to Rajab Maatouk, the outgoing General Secretary of ICATU appreciating his hard work for the benefit of the Arab people all the previous years as well as his role to maintain and strengthen the fraternal cooperation of ICATU and WFTU.