BSNLEU submitted it’s application to contest in the 7th Membership verification.


BSNLEU has submitted its application to contest the 7th  Membership Verification. Com.Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS and com.S.Chellappa, AGS submitted the duly filled in application yesterday. BSNLEU has done tremendous work since the last 6th membership verification, for the revival of the Company and also to settle the genuine problems of the Non-Executives. Hence, BSNLEU is facing the 7th Membership verification from a position of strength, and it is sure to perform better this time, by increasing its voting percentage.


BMS to conduct nationwide protest action on 24th February, against the Narendra Modi government.

The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has decided to conduct nationwide protest action on 24th February. This agitation is to oppose the pro- corporate Labour Law amendments that the NDA government wants to bring in, and also to express the Union’s protest on the non- settlement of the demands. It is to be noted that this protest action is being conducted on the eve of the crucial budget session of the Parliament. What is more significant is that both the ruling BJP and the BMS are following the ideology of the RSS. When the entire trade unions went on a General Strike on 2nd September last year, the BMS withdrew from the strike in the last minute, on the advise of the RSS. While withdrawing from the strike, the BMS told that the Narendra Modi government should be given more time to settle the demands. The decision of the BMS to launch the protest action now only shows that more serious struggles are required to stop the Modi government’s anti-worker and pro-corporate steps.

BMS  is already a party to the decision of the Central Trade Unions to launch a country wide Protest Day on 10th March, 2016 demanding settlement of the 12 point charter of demands.

PSU Banks write-off Rs.1.14 lakhs NPA

The public sector banks in India have written off loans of more than Rs.1.14 lakh crores during 2013-15 alone as per an RTI reply received from the Reserve  Bank of India. Out of this, more than Rs. 40,000 crore is from SBI alone. 29 Banks have written off such NPAs. The RBI refused to provide even the details of the loans taken of more than Rs. 100 crores.

The non-repaid loans which are called Non-Performing Assets(NPA) have been increasing. These are mainly loans of large amounts coming to hundreds of crores of rupees mostly given to big corporates and business concerns. While the small amount loans of a few lakhs or so are recovered through coercive measures from the common people, the big sharks are let off. The government also keeps silence. The common men’s savings are gifted to the corporates. The PSUs are let to bleed. This injustice has to be put an end to.


TRAI takes firm stand on Net-Neutrality

Putting an end to the discriminating tariff plans of certain net-providers like Facebook and Airtel, the TRAI has taken a firm stand on Net-Neutrality. Violation of Net-Neutrality will invite penalty up to a maximum of Rs.50 lakh.

The TRAI stated as follows: ” Keeping in view of India’s large number of Net users and content producers, the authority has taken a view that  prohibition of discriminatory tariff for data services is necessary to ensure service providers continue to fulfill obligations in keeping Internet open and non-discriminatory.”

Facebook’s Free Basics and Airtel Zero are barred accordingly. It is reported that Facebook has spent thousands of crores of rupees towards publicity of its Free Basics.

Reason has won at least for the present. TRAI has stated that it may review the decision after two years. The service providers have been given 6 months time to comply with the present decision.

Strike by CG Employees from 11th April 2016



Meeting of the National Joint Council of Action (Railways, Defence, Postal, Confederation) held on 08th February 2016 at New Delhi has unanimously decided to serve indefinite strike notice on 11th March 2016 and to commence indefinite strike from 11th April 2016. The demands of the strike is also finalized; mainly modifications on the retrograde recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.