The Labour bureau has released the Consumer Price Index numbers for industrial workers for the Month of May 2015 today.

As Expected the All-India CPI-IW for May, 2015 increased by 2 points and pegged at 258. So the expected DA from July 2015 can be arrived with the available 11 Months AICPIN points now. Because the left out one month AICPIN will not have much impact on Expected DA from July 2015 until it increase by 7 points.  The rate of Dearness Allowance which will be paid from July 2015 can however be arrived exactly with these eleven months AICPIN points by assuming the 12th Month ie June 2015 will be 258 plus or Minus 5 points.  Enter these AICPIN  points in the calculator provided in this website to find out the expected DA from July 2015.

Assuming the AICPIN for the Month of June as 260 points, the Average 12 Months AICPIN is 254.33.
By applying the above AICPIN  average in the prescribed formula, which results the 6% increase in the rate of DA from July 2015. So the Dearness Allowance to be paid for central Government employees will be 119% from July 2015.




Empanelment of private hospitals (including dental clinics and eye centres) and diagnostic centres under CGHS Delhi & NCR

No: S.11045/36/2012-CGHS (HEC)
Government of India
Directorate General of Central Government Health Scheme
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi.

Dated the 24th June, 2015


Subiect: Empanelment of private hospitals (including dental clinics and eye centres) and diagnostic centres under CGHS Delhi & NCR.

In continuation of this Directorate’s Office Memorandum of even no. dated 01.10.2014 on the above mentioned subject, it is to convey that in addition to the list of the hospitals (including dental clinics & eye centres) and diagnostic laboratories already empanelled, the hospitals (including dental clinics & eye centres) and diagnostic laboratories as per the list attached have also been empanelled under CGHS in Delhi & NCR w.e.f. 24.06.2015. The newly empanelled hospitals (including dental clinics & eye centres) and diagnostic laboratories may be treated as included in the existing list of empanelled health care organizations under CGHS on same terms and conditions as have been indicated in the Office Memorandum dated 01.10.2014.

Encl: As above.

[Dr. D.C. Joshi]
Director (CGHS)

Download: CGHS-Hospitals-list-delhi-ncr




Beijing, Jun 29 : Representatives from 50 founding countries, including India, today signed an agreement that provided the legal framework for the China-led USD 100 billion multilateral Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

The 60-article agreement specified each member’s share as well as governance structure and policy-making mechanism of the bank, which is designed to finance infrastructure in Asia.

The delegates from 50 founding countries gathered at the Great Hall of the People for the signing ceremony. Australia was the first country to sign the agreement, followed by 49 other members. Seven more countries are due to sign by the end of the year.

The AIIB will have authorised capital of USD 100 billion, and Asian countries will contribute to up to 75 per cent of the total capital. Each member will be allocated a share of the quota based on their economic size, according to the agreement.



Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151/1, New Patel Nagar,

Opp. Shadipur Bus Depot., New Delhi – 110 008

Circular No.3 29th June, 2015

To General Secretaries of all Unions and Associations of Forum.


Decisions of the Forum, taken in the meeting held at New Delhi on 26th June, 2015.

A meeting of the Forum was held at New Delhi on 26-06-2015. Com. Chandeswar Singh, President of the Forum, presided over the meeting. The General Secretaries / representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, BSNL MS, SNATTA and BTU participated in the meeting. Com.P.Abhimanyu, Covener, welcomed every one and briefed on the developments that had taken place after the last meeting.

Month long campaign extended for one more month.

1) The meeting reviewed the implementation of the call, already given by the Forum, to conduct a month long campaign, from 8th June to 7th July, to popularise the “9 pm to 7 am ” free call concession, and also to increase the number of landlines. After detailed discussion, the meeting decided that the campaign should be extended for one more month. It is also decided that, the “Free incoming calls on roaming” facility, recently announced by the Management, should also be popularised in the campaign. Hence, all circle and district secretaries are requested to take every possible step to effectively conduct the campaign.

2) The meeting expressed it’s dissatisfaction over the slackness on the part of the circle and district level Forums, in implementing the month long campaign. So far, the All India Unions/Associations have not received any news from any circle, regarding the implementation of the campaign. Hence, the Forum took the decision that, all circle level Forums should compulsorily meet by 03- 07-2015 and finalise steps for the successful implementation of the campaign. Similarly, all the district level Forums should meet by 06-07-2015 and finalise the steps to be taken at the district level, for the successful implementation of the campaign. Forum also took the decision to write to the CMD BSNL, complaining about the inaction of the circle and SSA level administrations, in taking steps to increase our customer base, utilising the free call concession.

3) “Free call concession” and”free incoming calls on roaming” will result in massive loss to BSNL, if not properly utilised. The BSNL Management has taken two bold marketing initiatives recently. They are the “9 pm to 7 am” free call concession and the “free incoming calls on roaming” facilities. Both these steps have been largely welcomed by the public, as a result of which the Company’s image has also greatly improved. At the same time, we should not forget that, the Company is going to lose it’s revenue to the extent of thousands of crores of rupees, as a result of the implementation of both these concessions. Increasing our customer base substantially, is the only way to save the Company from this loss of revenue. Hence, we the employees, have to take every possible step, to increase our customer base in a big way, both in the landline and mobile segments. The next one month period should be entirely and effectively utilised to conduct the campaign.

4) The meeting reviewed the improvement that have taken place after the talks that were held with the Secretary, DoT, on 01-05-2015, on the demands on which the 2.25 lakh BSNL employees went on a 2 day strike. The meeting expressed it’s dissatisfaction, since there is no improvement on any issue, except the demand of 78.2% IDA merger for the pensioners. Hence, the meeting decided to write to the Secretary, DoT, expressing the deep disappointment of the employees.

5) “Post card campaign” to be conducted in the month of August.

The meeting has decided that, the whole month of July should be utilised to increase our customer base. At the same time, the Forum has come to the conclusion that, we cannot remain silent for long, since 2 months have already passed since the 2 day strike had taken place. Hence, it is decided that, a “Post card campaign” should be conducted in the month of August. This post card campaign should take place from 10th to 22nd August, 2015. A post card should go from each and every employee to the Hon’ble Minister of Communications, demanding immediate steps for the revival of BSNL. The text of the post card shall be as follows:- “Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT is requested to immediately settle the demands submitted by the Forum, for the revival of BSNL.” The post card should be signed by the individual employee, with his name, designation and SSA. The Forum at the circle and SSA levels should organise this campaign.

6) It is decided that the next meeting of the Forum would take place on 15-07-2015

P. Abhimanyu, Convener Mob: 9868231113