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Vijayapura District Conference has been held befittingly on 20-01-2019. Com. C.S.Sajjan, District President controlled the proceedings.. Com.G.B.salakki, former CHQ Treasurer welcomed the gathering.. Com. Muddaiah, Circle Secretary delivered the inaugural address explaining the current developments with regard to pension revision , wage revision and the struggles conducted by AIBDPA and AUAB. Com.G.G.Patil , AGS explained the issue of medical bills and allowance and the efforts and struggle by AIBDPA in this regard. Com S.R.Naik, District Secretary, BSNLEU also spoke.

A new set of office bearers were elected unanimously and the following comrades are the important functionaries;

President : Com. C.S.Sajjan, District Secretary : Com. M.G.Qureshi and Treasurer : Com. H.G.Godekar.


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Com. Sahadev Biswal, Circle Secretary inaugurated the Cuttack District Conference held on 20-01-2019 with detailed speech on the important issues including pension revision, wage revision, medical problems and the ensuing Circle Conference and AIC. Coms. A.C.Mohanty, Circle President, A.Dhupal, Circle Patron and Sahabuddin, District Secretary, BSNLEU addressed. Com.Sreedhar Mallick, District Secretary welcomed all and presented the report and accounts which were adopted after discussion.

Office bearers with Com.Anoopam Patra (President), Com. Sreedhar Mallick (District Secretary) and Jagannath Mallick (Treasurer) were elected unanimously.


Meeting between CMD BSNL and the AUAB on 3rd Pay Revision issue..

In the meeting held on 10.01.2019, the Additional Secretary, Telecom, directed the AUAB to hold a discussion with the BSNL Management on the 3rd Pay Revision issue, and to come back to him for a meeting in the following week. Accordingly, a meeting took place between the AUAB and the CMD BSNL today. The Director (HR) was also present in the meeting. From the AUAB, Com.P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Convenor, Com.Chandeshwar Singh, GS, NFTE & Chairman, Com.K.Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com.Ravi Shil Verma, GS, AIGETOA, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, Com. Rewati Prasad, AGS, ATM and Com.H.P. Singh, Dy.GS, BSNL OA, were present. Discussion took place on the issue of 3rd Pay Revision. The AUAB representatives categorically demanded that 3rd Pay Revision should be settled with 15% fitment. The CMD BSNL also stated that the BSNL Management sticks on to it’s earlier position that 3rd Pay Revision should be settled with 15% fitment. The AUAB pointed out that the notification for Parliament election would be issued any time in the month of March, and that the available time for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision was very less. The representatives also pointed out that the AUAB would be constrained to restart the agitation, if no favourable settlement comes on time.

(BSNLEU Website)


On a day like today, on January 15, 1919 in Germany, the German Social Democrat Chancellor, Friedrich Ebert, murdered two great figures of the German Revolution: Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, because they led, through the revolutionary organization “Spartacus League”, the heroic rebellion of the German workers against the traitor of the working class, the Social Democrat Friedrich Ebert and the German plutocracy.

Rosa Luxemburg was murdered and then her body was thrown into a river in Berlin. Karl Liebknecht was executed with a bullet in the head.

The world working class, from 1919 until today, pays tribute to the heroic dead who gave their lives to the German Revolution and condemns Chancellor Friedrich Ebert who gave the order to the Minister of Defense, Gustav Noske, who did not hesitate to execute it.

For the WFTU and the class-oriented trade union movement, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht will live forever. In the same way, the reformist and murderous Chancellor Friedrich Ebert only deserves our contempt, since he paved the way for Hitler with his counterrevolutionary actions. However, despite all the efforts of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)’ contemporary reformists, they can not wipe out their disgrace. Because, at present, too, their goals are the same: sowing reformism among the workers, corrupting trade unionists and promoting the social-democratic theory of the rescue of capitalism and exploitation.

Our dtuty is to teach and be taught by history, to reveal, even today, the dirty role of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. This is what the interest of the world working class imposes.

The Secretariat


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Lenin Rajendran,(67) renowned and progressive film maker passed away at Appolo hospital, Chennai on 14-01-2019. He was functioning as the Chairman, Kerala State Film Development Corporation. His immense contributions to the Malayalam film came as the refreshing and well crafted new generation films. Swathithirunal, Chillu, Rathri Mazha, Meenamasathile Sooryan, etc are famous films admired and awarded. He was a brilliant director and never compromised his left ideology and secular credentials in any of his film.

AIBDPA pays respectful homage to the great artist and conveys heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family.