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One more District branch has been formed in Odisha. A meeting of BSNL and DoT pensioners was held at BSNL Bhawan, Berhampur on 30-10-2022. Com.A Dhupal, CHQ Vice President controlled the proceedings. Com.J Kameswar Rao, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU welcomed one and all and stressed the necessity to form the district branch of AIBDPA at Berhampur. Com.S R Das, Circle Secretary gave a good account of the functioning of AIBDPA, the struggles and achievements. Com.A Dhupal in his presidential address appreciated Com.J K Rao for his sincere efforts for the formation of AIBDPA branch at Berhampur and spoke elaborately on the issues of medical benefits and pension revision and the breakthrough achieved after the historic Sanchar Bhawan March. Thereafter , the district branch was formed with the election of office beraers with Com. Kailash Mallick (President) Com.Pravanjan Kumar Panigrahi (District Secretary) and Com.Laxminarayan Panda (Treasurer).


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Kerala Circle Executive Committee meeting held on 29th October, 2022 at K G Bose Bhavan, Ernakulam started with paying rich tributes to Com.P V Chandraseharan, the legendary leader who effectively guided and led AIBDPA to a militant organisation. The meeting also remembered the valuable services of Coms.M R Chandran and K Krishnan and other leaders who passed away during the intervening period. In his encouraging inaugural address, Com.V A N Namboodiri, Advisor gave a good account of national situation and the issues of the workers, peasants and the pensioners. He also highlighted the militant functioning of AIBDPA during the last thirteen years filled with numerous struggles on genuine issues of the pensioners, latest being the historic Sanchar Bhawan March on 24-08-2022. Com.K Mohanan, Circle President presided. Com.N Guruprasad, Circle Secretary welcomed and presented the report on activities.

Com.K G Jayaraj, General Secretary reported on the latest developments on medical benefits and pension revision as a result of our sustained struggles, including the great Sanchar Bhawan March. He also appealed to help the Reception Committee of the AIC to make the Myssuru conference a great success. Com.R Muraleedharan Nair , AGS spoke on the excellent arrangements made by CHQ for the Sanchar Bhawan March and a fitting farewell and homages to Com.PVC during his last journey from Ernakulam to Thiruvananthapuram. All the district Secretaries and most of the Circle Office beares participated in the discussion. The meeting took important decisions including agitational programme against the unhelpful and negative stand of certain officers in most of the BAs in utilizing the allotted medical fund.


The 14th Foundation Day of the mighty organisation, AIBDPA has been observed befittingly throughout the country on 21-10-2022. The 13 years of militant functioning with numerous struggles and achievements were well explained in the meetings held. Flag hoistings , distribution of sweets etc were also marked the day.

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A meeting of pensioners associations of BSNL/MTNL was held at Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi on 18-10-2022. An invitation to this meeting was extended to AIBDPA by Com.Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIRBSNLEA in the night of 17-10-2022, which was reported to be to decide on future course of action on pension revision issue jointly. We readily agreed and Com.K G Jayaraj, General Secretary and Com.R S Chouhan, AGS participated. However, some of the constituent unions of 9 organisations, including Com.G L Jogi, General Secretary, SNPWA did not participate. The meeting started with the introductory speech of Com.D Gopalakrishnan, Vice President, AIBSNLPWA who presided the meeting. Then, Com.K G Jayaraj was invited to speak. He stated that in the meeting held with DoT on 17-10-2022, it has been made clear that the demand of 7th CPC fitment is rejected according to the slides shown as part of observations/stand of DoT and DOP&PW. Therefore we have to move forward jointly for 15% fitment and pressure has to be exerted in the form of a protest action. Com.H F Chaudhary, General Secretary, All India Central Government Pensioners Association H Q Pune, Com.D D Mistry, General Secretary, BDPA(I), Com.Thomas John and Chandrasekhar also said that the only practical solution is 3rd PRC fitment.

But, Com.D Gopalakrishnan stated that they still stick on their demand of 7th CPC fitment and he does not think that DoT and DOP&PW have rejected their demand. Com.Prahlad Rai also aired the same views. So even after much discussion of both sides, no unanimity could be reached and finally Com.Gopalakrishnan stated that let us agree to disagree and disperse. Then Com.Thomas John intervened to say that let all the associations think over for a few days and meet later. Thus the meeting was concluded.

We are reproducing below the slide exihibited by the DoT in the meeting held on 17-10-2022 based on which Com.K G Jayaraj spoke in the meeting.



Com.K G JayarajGeneral Secretary visited Sanchar Bhawan on 18th October,2022 and discussed the issue of grant of family pension to Ms Urmila Laxman Neware widow of late Shri. Sitaram Laxman Neware, Ex RM, Nagpur,pending for the last several years, with DDG(Estt), Director (Staff), Under Secretary (Staff) and Under Secretary (Pension). Finally it was intimated that the necessary documents for processing the family pension case is yet to be received from BSNL. Meanwhile Ms.Urmila Laxman Neware also has expired without getting the family pension. General Secretary handed over the death certificate and legal heir certificates to the DDG( Estt) for one time arrears of pensionary benefits to her children. The DDG assured necessary action once the family pension case is finalised.


General Secretary along with Com.R S. Chouhan, AGS had a fruitful meeting with Shri. Surajit Mandol, Sr GM, ( CA/ERP-FICCO) on 18-10-2022 on effective utilisation of allotted fund for settlement of medical benefits to the BSNL retirees. The Sr.GM was very positive and read the detailed Letter of CHQ in this regard. He contacted some of the concerned officers in certain circles including Maharashtra and urged early positive action in the distribution of medical benefits to the BSNL retirees in full utilisation of the allotted fund. He also assured that necessary extension of time limit will be given.However,the delegation could not meet the CMD, BSNL as he was having the Board meeting


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May be an image of text that says "ALL INDIA BSNL DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION [Registered No. S/68836/2010] Central Head Quarters Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151/1, New Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110 008 E-mail Website General Secretary: +91-9447455633 +91-9946715983 Advisor V.A.N. Namboodiri Patron:PV.Chandrasekharan President:A Bhattacharjee PROPOSED PAY SCALE OF NON-EXECUTIVE NON- OF BSNL BT THE COMMITTEE FOR PAY REVISION WITH AND RECOGNISED UNION Grade NE1 Ex.tig(Rs) NE2 7760-13320 Revised (Rs) NE3 7840-14700 19000-45700 NE4 7900-14880 19200-49900 8150-15340 NES 19300-53000 NE6 8700-16840 19900-56300 NE7 9020-17430 21300-59800 NE8 10900-20400 22000-63500 NE9 12520-23440 26600-69300 NE10 13600-25420 30600-79600 NE11 14900-27850 33200-86300 NE12 16370-30630 36400-94500 16390-33830 39700-104000 39900-114800"

The much awaited meeting convened by the Member(S), DoT with representatives of BSNL/ MTNL Pensioners Organisations was held at Sanchar Bhawan at 4PM on today,the 17th October,2022.

Com.K.G. Jayaraj, General Secretary and Com.Sanjib Banerjee,AGS participted and presented a detailed note demanding early settlement of the most important issue.Initiating the proceedings,the Member (S) stated that to break the bottleneck pending for the last five years DoT had sent a proposal to DOP&PW for zero percent fitment delinking wage revision with notional fixation for the post 2017 retirees. However, DOP&PW has returned the file with some observations which were shown on the screen.

All the associations stoutly protested against the zero percent fitment which is not based on any rules or precedence and demanded a fitment not lower than given to the Central Government pensioners.In the concluding remarks, the Member (S) stated he has heard all the organisations and take further action . The representatives wanted minutes of the meeting but the official side remained non-committal. The date for further meeting was also not decided.\The note presented by the General Secretary in the meeting is given above.

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