08th July, 2024.

A virtual meeting of the Joint Forum, as notified, was held on 08-07–2024. The following representaives participated in the meeting.

AIBDPA : V A N Namboodiri ( Advisor ) M R Das( President ) K G Jayaraj ( General Secretary

)BDPA(I): Thomas John ( President ) D D Mistry ( General Secretary ) M R Vasisht ( AGS)

AICGPA HQ PUNE : H F Chaudhari ( General Secretary ) K Raja ( AGS).

The meeting started at 4PM under the presidenship of Com. D D Mistry. Com. K. G. Jayaraj, Convenor welcomed all and initiated the discussion on the agenda items. The Demands Day on 02-07-2024 was a resounding success and there had been unprecedented participation throughout the country including riot sticken Manipur. He also reported the unfortunate indifference of Com. G. L. Jogi, General Secretary, SNPWA who is reported to have told some of his Circle Secretaries that SNPWA is not part of the Joint Forum. Repeated efforts to contact him over phone failed due to non-response. Com. D D Mistry also tried to contact him but got the same result. However SNPWA comrades have also participated in some circles like Maharashtra, Telengana, Chennai Telephones, Assam etc. MTNL organisations did not participate

Thereafter all the leaders participated in the discussion and gave valuable suggestions. It was generally felt that Com. G. L. Jogi may have his own reasons and we should continue the efforts to aasociate him with the Joint Forum. So also the MTNL organizations.

The meeting finally took the following decisions.

1. CCA Office March at all the Circle on 27-08-2024

.2. Chalo Delhi – Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 12-11-2024.

It was decided to participate 1000 pensioners and the quota was allocated, AIBDPA -750, BDPA(I)-200, AICGPA HQ PUNE -50.

3. Meeting local MPs seeking intervention for settlement of pension revision by handing over the memorandum during August, September, 2024.

With vote of thanks by the Convenor, the meeting was concluded at 5.45PM.