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A virtual global meeting of TUI(P&R) was held on 14th February, 2024 from 9.30 P.M to 12.20 A.M Comrade Dimos Koumpouris, President presided. A total of 27 participants representing different countries attended. All the participants spoke in their own languages. General Secretary Com.Quim Boix spoke very few lines in English , otherwise in Spanish language. The translation provided was not effective. From India Com. K. Ragavendran, K.G.Jayaraj, Com. Ashok Kanti Ghosh and Com D.K.Debnath participated. However, they could not speak in the meeting. Com.K G Jayaraj had sent his written speech well before the meeting as required by the General Secretary and in turn was forwarded to all by email. Com.K Ragavendran sent his opinion in writing after the meeting. The meeting was the last one before the 3rd Congress being held at Athens on 14-18 April, 2024.