Pension Revision, Court Case and Voice clips

Voice clips are being circulated by the leaders of certain associations stating that the CAT Bench has delivered judgment allowing pension revision of BSNL pensioners w.e.f. 01-01-2017. The details are not given as the copy of the judgment is yet to be received, according to them.

But one thing they say that the Court has allowed delinking of the pay revision and pension revision.As far as delinking of pay Revision and Pension Revision is concerned, it has already been decided by the DOT as communicated to all the 17 pensioners’ associations, including those filed the case, which participated in the meeting with the DOT on 17-10-2022 . This is nothing new. It is an already decided matter.

The question was only how much percentage of fitment is going to be given. AIBDPA and some other organizations have strongly demanded that 15% fitment as recommended by the III PRC should be given. The justification for the same with facts, figures, rules were furnished. DoT had stated on 21-03-2023 that all the consultations within DoT on the proposal ompleted. Whether any decision by the DOT in the matter was delayed due to court case is not known.

A few days before the meeting of the DOT with the unions on 17-10-2022, voice clips were widely circulated by the same leaders stating that government has already taken decision to grant pension revision on the basis of the VII CPC as demanded by them and orders are being issued. But in the meeting on 17-10-2022, DOT clearly told that they are only thinking pension revision on the basis of the III PRC. These leaders were ridiculed even by their own members for circulating false, unfounded messages that too accusing other associations that they may try to get credit for the same.

Protesting against the delay in grant of pension revision, AIBDPA alone, jointly with other 7 BSNL-MTNL Pensioners organizations, as also by NCCPA, had organized three Parliament / Sanchar Bhawan Marches, submitted memorandum to Prime Minister, Communications Minister and also to DOT demanding early pension revision with 15% fitment as per III PRC with effect from 01.01.2017, delinking wage revision . Many of our comrades were taken in to custody while demonstrating before Sanchar Bhawan as part of the Sanchar Bhawan march on 25th of August, 2023 for violating the prohibitory orders in the area. Thousands of pensioners marching and organizing dharna in the capital on these demands had certainly a strong effect on the DOT and the government.

Any way, let us wait for the copy of the judgment. A favourable judgment will benefit all pensioners. The petitioner associations , it is stated, has already filed caveat , since they feel that the government may go on appeal against the judgment. As usual any appeal by the government may further delay matters. We are not sure whether the govt and DOT have been delaying the matter of pension revision due to the present CAT case, but any appeal by government will certainly further delay the decision by the government. Let us wait.