*Com. K G Jayaraj, General Secretary and Com. M G S Kurup, Treasurer had a detailed meeting with Smt. Anuradha Joshi Durgapal, Controller General of Communication Accounts, Department of Telecommunications on 22nd August, 2023.The representatives brought to her notice the letters already sent to her on the issues being faced by the pensioners. Still for ready reference, copies of the letters were also given.

Provision of a simple App, Know Your LC status.

The suggestion of AIBDPA to minimise the number of defaulters of life certificate was discussed in detail. CGCA stated that the Department while checking the personal details, it is found that the important information like PAN, Mobile number etc are missing in the records, particularly that of super seniors and wanted AIBDPA to extend maximum cooperation to collect these. The delegation readily agreed and told that AIBDPA branches are already doing it. CGCA doubted that many of the seniors are not using smart phones and how far the App may benifit these section. The representatives replied that if the App is simple, as suggested, they could utilise it if not independently but with some help. CGCA further stated that the number of defaulters of LC is monitored on a daily basis and the number is far less nowadays

Lack of provisions in the SAMPANN module.

The representatives pointed out the hardships of the pensioners for which reasons attributed are lack of provision in the SAMPANN module. CGCA replied that though it is not fully correct, the issue is being examined and SAMPANN module is expected to be made foolproof by December, 2023. She also asked for certain specific cases which were furnished then and there.

Delay in the payment of first family pension.

CGCA stated that the Department wanted speedy payment and assured to examine the issue.

Distribution of ID cards.

CGCA asked the delegation about the camps organised by CCAs for distribution of Pensioner ID Card. The delegation replied that in some circles camps are held and good progress also achieved in the distribution. But in certain circles like Kerala, though the details were collected before one year, the distribution of ID cards is yet to start. CGCA immediately called CCA, Kerala and urged early action.

Finally, the delegation drew her attention on the issue of ST VRS retirees of Maharashtra, drawing provisional pension indefinitely and certain cases of regular pension converted to provional pension in violation of CCS(Pension) Rules. In the last meeting CGCA had assured that report will be sought from the CCA Maharashtra. CGCA stated that the report is received from the CCA, Maharashtra which is in contrast to the report furnished in the letter of AIBDPA. Furthermore, CGCA stated that in certain cases the Vigilance Clearances are withdrawn by the BSNL and CCA had to take action based on it. She also said that the issue is very complex and the CMD, BSNL was also contacted in this regard. The delegation brought to her attention that the organisation which filed the court case against the ST VRS retirees for availing undue benefits by submitting fake caste certificate, have since been withdrawn. They also reiterated the stand that the orders of DOP&PW, DoT and BSNL Corporate office are floated by the Maharashtra CGMT by denying the retirement benefits.

The meeting started at 2.30pm was concluded at 4.10pm.