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Trade Union International ( Pensioners & Retirees) had an important meeting virtually on 2nd February night of leaders of world countries. The meeting was organized by the General Secretary Comrade Quim Boix and was presided over by the President of the organization Comrade Dimos Koumpouris of Greece. This meeting discussed the draft report of General Secretary TUI(P&R) Comrade Quim Boix for the 2024 World Congress. The meeting remembered the great contribution of Comrade KKN Kutty, who passed away on 8th December, 2022. From India both Comrades K.G.Jayaraj and K.Ragavendran attended and addressed. Written interventions by them also were sent earlier by both of them. Indian conditions and sturggles of united workers and the new initiative for struggles against NPS were presented in the responses. They expressed the desire that the draft report of world congress to be educative to all. Indian leaders wanted the help of WFTU intervention with various Asian Countries so that the Asia Regional Conference of TUI at Kerala on 1 October, 2023 is attended by delegates from different Asian countries. Com..Swastika Dasgupta( Vice President,AIBDPA) was proposed to the TUI Women Wing by the Indian leaders. The meeting took note of Struggle by French Workers and Retirees and discussed in detail of the prevailing conditions against pensioners and workers in different continents. Comrade Quim Boix General Secretary assured to discuss with the leadership of WFTU regarding the pension issue of Bank Pensioners of India. The next meeting will be held on 19th or 20th of April, 2023.