One of the Pensioners organisations widely campaigns that BSNL absorbee Pensioners are central government Pensioners and therefore eligible to get CPC fitment in pension revision.

BSNL Pensioners have retired from a CPSE, registered under Company Act .So we are PSU retirees but with Special Status of getting pension from the Central Government.

Whether BSNL pensioners are covered under CCS( Pension) Rules.

Yes, we are covered under CCS (Pension) Rules but with certain conditions.

Why the conditions and why not consider at par with central government Pensioners?

Because we have retired from a CPSE with combined service of both government and PSU. We are at par with central government Pensioners by virtue of Rule 37A of CCS(Pension)Rules,1972 barring pension and dearness allowance. We are getting higher pension due to IDA pay scales. Also we are having dearness allowance based on IDA being granted quarterly, that is four times in an year which is more beneficial. Whereas central government Pensioners are getting Dearness Relief based on CDA and only twice in an year.

These are the basic differences between central government Pensioners and BSNL pensioners.

Whether any provision in PRC for pension revision?

No, but we got our pension based on IDA pay scales from 01-10-2000 and again got our pension revision from 01-01-2007 as per 2nd PRC fitment. We also got the benefits of 78.2% IDA fixation only based on PRC.

Apart from the above benefits non-executives are also getting IDA instalments though there is no mention about them in the orders being issued by DPE.

Whether BSNL pensioners associations demanded 7th CPC for recommendations for BSNL pensioners pension revision.?

AIBDPA submitted a memorandum and had a discussion with 7th Pay Commission along with Com.S K Vyas, Secretary General, NCCPA on all the issues other than pension, dearness allowance and medical benefits.


We had a definite understanding of the issue that we are better placed on these three issues.

Is there any recommedation of pension revision of BSNL pensioners by the the 7th CPC?


Then, is there any chance of government agreeing for CPC fitment.?

No. This point was elaborately clarified by the government in the discussion Member (Service) had with various Pensioners organisations on 17-10-2022 despite tall claims of acceptance of the demand of CPC fitment by one of the Pensioners organisations.

We can dream big and lavishly. But reality will be different and hard. But certain people refuse to come out of the world of dreams and illusions only to delay the settlement.

Thousands of our fellow pensioners have already expired without getting the benefits and it is continuing every day. So let us think practically and strive for early achievable settlement unitedly.