**Com.V A N Namboodiri Advisor and Com.K G Jayaraj General Secretary visited both offices of Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare, at Loknayak Bhawan,Khan Market, New Delhi and at Janpath Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi on 29-04-2022.

The delegation first discussed the issue of pension revision of BSNL absorbed pensioners with the concerned officers. They pointed out that certain officers at DoT have told that the approval of DOP&PW is necessary for processing the issue of Pension Revision. Shri. Charanjit Tanej, Under Secretary stated that a clear and definite proposal has to come from DoT, being the administrative department. They should also evolve/ formulate a formula to avoid anomaly, if any, for the post 2017 pensioners. The delegation replied that anomaly is nothing new and a common phenomenon and could be settled with one or another formula.

Thereafter the delegation met Shri. Naresh Bharadwaj, Deputy Secretary and brought to his notice the detailed letter sent earlier to him on the poor functioning of CPENGRAMS with scant regard to the guidelines issued by the DOP&PW. The delegation pointed out two glaring cases of closure of the grievances based on irrelevant rather absurd replies received from the lowest level of officers of the concerned department. Another case was closed by giving the contact address of the concerned officer. The guidelines issued clearly reiterates that no grievance should be closed until it’s final resolution. He assured to examine and do the needful.