.*AIBDPA has been pursuing continuously with the BSNL authorities on the burning issue of non-payment of medical benefits to BSNL Pensioners. Struggles are also being organised as the issue has become very sensitive and serious. Medical allowance is pending to be paid since 2018, medical bills both for indoor and outdoor are also pending from 01-04-2019. In certain circles, the one-time membership paid to CGHS is also being delayed.

It was in this situation that the AIBDPA delegation comprisinoms. V A N Namboodiri Advisor, K G Jayaraj General Secretary and R S Chouhan, AGS met Shri. P K Purwar CMD BSNL on 28-04-2022. The delegation brought to his notice, the pathetic condition of many of the BSNL retirees due to non-payment of medical benefits for years together. The recent allotment of some fund has not been uniform and has invited numerous complaints. The CMD stated that Rs.60 crore was allotted recently for payment of medical benefits for a specific period based on the requirements sought by the Circles.

The CMD reiterated the stand of the management that maximum BSNL retirees have to switch over to CGHS in view of the financial position of BSNL. Further fund could be allotted according to the availability of the fund. The complaints regarding removal of the names of those switched over to CGHS from the ERP resulting in non-payment of medical allowance/ bills for the period prior to switching over to CGHS was raised by the delegation and CMD assured to examine it.

The delegation pointed out the drawbacks of the CGHS which prevent many BSNL retirees to switch over to CGHS and wanted the CMD to take up the issue with the government for improvement of CGHS facilities.The huge amount required for the one-time membership for CGHS is also a main reason for a good number of BSNL Pensioners unable to switch over and if BSNL pays it directly to CGHS, more Pensioners would switch over to CGHS.The CMD responded positively and asked the delegation to give him a letter containing the main difficulties in respect of CGHS which will be endorsed and sent to the government. Regarding direct payment of one-time membership to CGHS, CMD stated that they are ready to pay but there is no mechanism for the same. However, such amount is being reimbursed without delay.