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Dear Comrades,

Many of our Comrades including some Circle Secretaries are having no clarity on the IDA order and the payment. So I think it is necessary to give necessary clarification.

1.Dearness Relief to BSNL absorbed retirees are being paid in the form of IDA at every three months based on increase/ decrease in the consumer price index released by Labour Bureau of India.

2.The order for release of IDA is being issued by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE). The order of DPE will cover only the Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of CPSEs. But Non- Executives and Pensioners are also being paid the IDA based on the same order.

3. Payment of IDA instalments to BSNL absorbed retirees is being paid by the Central Government through Department of Telecommunications. Therefore BSNL has no role in the payment of IDA instalments to BSNL absorbed retirees.

4. Some of our Comrades are having a wrong understanding that BSNL endorsement of DPE order with copy marked to pension disbursing authorities is necessary for payment from Banks and Post Offices. It is absolutely wrong.

5. There was a period during which payment of IDA instalments were indefinitely delayed due to unwarranted formalities/ procedures. After formation of AIBDPA ,we took up the issue with DoT and after continuous persuasion, DoT issued an order on 24-11-2010. Accordingly, the procedure has been made simple and once the order appears in the website of DPE , the respective pension disbursing authority can download it and make the payment.

Hope this will clear the confusion in this regard.

With warm greetings,

K G Jayaraj
General Secretary