Statement by the Central Workers’ Union of Cuba

The Central Workers’ Union of Cuba and its national trade union branches vigorously reject the acts of disorder that took place in several cities supported by a media campaign that seeks to impose an opinion matrix aimed to discredit the governance of the Cuban Revolution. The U.S. government is committed to cause a social outbreak in Cuba from the escalation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade and the adoption of 243 measures passed during Donald Trump administration which hinders the progress of the country’s development programs affecting the welfare of the workers and their families.

The Trade Union Movement expresses its firm support to the revolutionary and patriotic response of our heroic people and ratifies its commitment to the defense of the Revolution, maximizing the growth of efficiency in the production of goods and services that satisfy the demands of the people.

We denounce the campaign of “humanitarian intervention” that are intended to develop, driven with the pretext of the situation generated by the pandemic and the objective limitations caused by the economic war imposed to us. The Cuban women and men know their true purpose and we express that we do not want such “help”. What Cuba needs is to remove the blockade.

We thank trade union organizations and friends all over the world for messages of solidarity and support with the encouragement that we keep up hoisted with dignity the flags of independence, sovereignty and freedom that so much blood has cost of the best sons of the Fatherland.

The combat order is given. ¡

Defend the streets, the revolutionaries! ¡Long live Cuban Revolution! ¡Fatherland or Death! ¡We’ll win!