Rohtak District branch in Haryana Circle was defunct for some time due to the prolonged illness of the incumbent District Secretary. A meeting of the district branch held on the initiative of Com.Kuldeep Singh, Circle Secretary on 24th February, 2021 has reconstituted the District Branch.

Com.K S Hooda presided over the meeting. Coms.M S Kadian, Crcle Patron and Kuldeep Singh, Circle Secretary addressed the meeting and gave a good accounts of the recent developments and the agitational programme dmanding settlement of important issues, including pension revision, early payment of medical benefits, issues of VRS retirees.

A new team of office bearers were elected unanimously for effective functioning of the branch.

President : Com. K S Hooda, District Secretary : Com.Sushil Kumar Punia and Treasurer : Com. Com.Ramkishan