The 3 day hunger strike from 20th November, 2019 stands postponed.

The outcome of the talks held yesterday, between the AUAB and the Director (HR), is not at all satisfactory. Only assurance given is that, salary will be paid on 28th. Then what about November salary? No answer. Most importantly, there is no improvement on the issue of remittance of recoveries, which is hurting the employees the most. Similarly, no improvement on contract workers’ wages. No improvement in any of the problems related to the VRS optees. What about reduction of retirement age to 58 years? What is the assurance on 30% superannuation benefit? The BSNL Management is only trying to save their skin, but not worried about the problems of the employees. However, there is no unanimity among the constituents of the AUAB to go ahead with the 3 day hunger strike. Hence, the 3 day hunger strike from 20th November, 2019 stands postponed. BSNLEU will decide about the future course of action and inform shortly.

(BSNLEU Website)