The future of the families of 1.70 lakh BSNL employees is in dark – AUAB calls on to organise “Rallies With Family Members” on 15-02-2019..

The future of the families of the 1.70 lakh BSNL employees is in dark. The government wants to kill BSNL. It does not want BSNL to compete on equal footing with Reliance Jio. So, it does not want to allot 4G spectrum to BSNL. It does want to allow BSNL to generate revenues from it’s vacant lands. It does not even want BSNL to take bank loans, while the private telecom companies, including Reliance Jio, are taking lakhs of crores of rupees as loans from government banks. It is doing everything to starve the families of the employees, by seeing to it that the employees do not get their salaries in the days to come. It wants to reduce the retirement age of the employees from 60 to 58. It is doing everything to create panic among the employees and thereby compelling them to take VRS and go home. According to Modi government, Reliance Jio is the government company and not BSNL. The government is doing everything to promote Reliance Jio. The Indian Railways has dumped BSNL and has taken connections from Reliance Jio. Who is behind this decision? We shall not allow this injustice. Come on comrades! Let us stand up and fight against the conspiracy of the government to finish off BSNL. The people are the real owners of this great BSNL. They are our masters. Let us go to the people of this country and seek their support to save BSNL. It is the people who finally win. The AUAB has called upon the employees to organise “Rallies With Family Members” on 15-02-2019. BSNLEU calls upon the circle and district unions to take all out steps to make the rallies a historic success. BSNLEU calls upon each and every employee not to feel shy of bringing their families to the streets on 15-02-2019.

(BSNLEU Website)