The 4th meeting of the Joint Committee on wage revision of the Non-Executives took place today. Shri H.C. Pant, Chairman of the Joint Committee, presided over the meeting. All the members of the Staff Side were present. Surprisingly, the members of the Management Side started talking in a negative way, right form the beginning of the meeting. Members of the Management Side started telling that the DoT may not accept 15% fitment, and may agree for only 0% fitment or 5% fitment. To this, the entire Staff Side reacted and told that nothing short of 15% fitment would be accepted by them. In the last three meetings, the Staff Side leaders have already emphatically told the Management Side that, the gap between the minimum and maximum of the pay scales of the Non-Executives should be sufficiently long, so as to avoid stagnation to any one of the Non-Executives. However, in today’s meeting, the Management Side members started arguing that the gap between the minimum and the maximum should be kept as short as possible, so that the Management need not unnecessarily spend huge amount towards payment of pension contribution. The entire Staff Side opposed this view. The Staff Side opposed this vehemently and argued that, when the Management is prepared to pay huge amount as pension contribution for the Executives, why should they worry about the amount to be paid only in respect of the Non-Executives. The Staff Side strongly criticised the mindset of the Management Side, and told that they would be compelled to go to the workers and expose the double standards being adopted by the Management Side. Thereafter, Shri H.C. Pant, Chairman of the Joint Committee, intervened and assured that the interests of the Non-Executives would be protected in the wage revision. Further, he directed the GM(SR) to spell-out the proposals of the Management with regards to the new pay scales. The following are the new pay scales proposed in today’s meeting, by the Management Side


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