The unprecedented heavy rains continue to play havoc in the flood situation in Kerala to its worst. 357 people have lost their lives up to the morning on 18h August, lakhs of people are shifted to relief camps, thousands are stranded and rescue operations are in full swing despite bad weather. Lakhs of people have lost everything as their houses are swept away in the floods. 27 dams were compelled to be opened which aggravated the flood situation and all the rivers are overflowing. Bridges, roads, electrical and telecom installations, rails etc are damaged and in some cases destroyed completely. So, life in Kerala has virtually come to a stand still as traffic through road, rail and air is stopped.

This is an unusual situation in the history of Kerala for the last 100 years. The government of Kerala is managing the situation most effectively with the support of the people, army, navy, air force, police, fire force and numerous non-government organisations. The huge financial burden of the devastating disaster cannot be borne with the government fund alone. The Chief Minister of Kerala has appealed to all for generous contributions to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. AIBDPA CHQ requests all the units to extend an helping hand to the people of Kerala at this period of distress by contributing, what ever little it may be, to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund directly to bank account ; State Bank Of India, City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram- account No.67319948232, IFSC : SBIN0070028 , with intimation to CHQ.

Kerala Circle Branch has already taken the initiative to collect the relief fund and it is worth mentioning that Kannur District Branch donated Rs.1 lakh on 13-08-2018 and Kollam District Rs.50,000 on 15-08-2018.

So let us rush the donations; no time to lose.

Vellore District Branch has contributed Rs.20,000.

Alappuzha District Branch has donated Rs.1,00,000.

Thiruvananthapuram District handed over Rs.50,000 as first installment to the Chief Minister on 20-08-2018.

Com.S.C.Shrivastava, CHQ Vice President (MP) donated Rs.10,000 on 20-08-2018.

Kozhikode District handed over Rs.50,000 to the District Collector on 21-08-2018.

Nagercoil District donated Rs.10,000 on 21-08-2018.

Palakkad District Committee donated Rs.50,000 on 21-08-2018.

Thrissur District donated Rs.50,000 on 23-08-2018.

Pathanamthitta District donated Rs.10,000 on 23-08-2018.

Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh donated Rs.5000 on 23-08-2018.

Tamil Nadu Circle Secretary Com.C.K.Narasimhan has reported that the following donations have been made.

Tamil Nadu Circle Branch : Rs.20,000

Tuticorin District : Rs.10,000

Chennai Telecom District : Rs.10,000

Tiruppur comrades :Rs.18,000

Virudhunagar District : Rs.10,000.

Pondicherry District has donated Rs.11,500 on 24-08-2018.

Com.P.Sakthivel, District President ,Pondicherry separately donated Rs.2000.

Tirunelveli district has donated Rs.10,000 on 27-08-2018.

Com.B.Subramanian, Circle President, Chennai Telephones has donated one month’s pension of Rs.25,150 on 28-08-2018. Hearty Congratulations to Com.B.Subramanian.

Com.N.Sreenivasan, Retd SDE, Kollam and an active member of AIBDPA has contributed Rs.20,000 on 14-08-2018. Thank you Com.Sreenivasan for your great gesture.

Malappuram District has donated Rs.30,000 on 30-08-2018

Ernakulam District donated Rs.77,000 on 30-08-2018

Vellore District has further donated Rs.30,000 also on 30-08-2018 (Total Rs.50,000)

Andhra Pradesh Circle Branch has donated Rs.20,000 on 31-08-2018

Coimbatore District has donated a total amount of Rs.89,000. inclusive of Tirupur (Coimbatore Rs.54,500 + Tirupur Rs.34,500)

Saharanpur District Branch, UP (W) has donated Rs.2100 on 06-09-2018.

Guntakal District Secretary, AP has donated Rs.1000 on 01-09-2018

Com.R.Seethalakshmy, District Vice President, Kollam has donated Rs. 35,000 on 07-09-2018- Hearty Congratulations, Comrade.

Chittoor in Tirupaty District, AP has contributed Rs.15,000 on 07-09-2018

Kollam district has donated it’s second installment of Rs.60,000 on 08-09-2018(Total now is Rs.1,10,000) In addition,Coms.R.Seethalaksmi and  N.Sreenivasan have contributed directly Rs.35,000 and Rs.20,000, respectively.

Chennai Telephones has donated Rs.10,000 on 10-09-2018. Earlier Circle President Com.B.Subramonian had donated Rs.25,150 and so the total is Rs.35,150.

Kottayam District has donated Rs.1,00,000 on 11-09-2018

CORTO (Center of Retired Telecom Officers), Kolkata, our affiliate has donated Rs.20,000 on 14-09-2018.

VIJAYAWADA (Krishna District) has donated Rs.30,000 on 17-09-2018.

Com.M.Balasubramanian, veteran leader  , Kozhikode donated Rs.25,000, so also his wife, Com. A.K.Rojana, active AIBDPA member Rs.25,000 on 08-09-2018. Congrats to both the comrades for the inspiring gesture.

Com.S.R.K.Panicker, veteran leader, Alappuzha has contributed Rs.25,000 on 18-09-2017. Congrats to Com.SRK.

CHQ donated Rs. 2,00,000 on 21-09-2018

Com.K.G.Jayaraj contributed Rs.26,730 (one Month’s pension) on 21-09-2018

Com.T.G.Syamala, Alappuzha donated Rs.25,970 (one month’s pension) on 21-09-2018

Kolkata Telephones Circle donated Rs.20,000 on 18-09-2018

West Bengal Circle donated Rs. 20,000 on 18-09-2018

Telecom Factory & Stores Circle Kolkata donated Rs.5,000 on 18-09-2018

Telecom Factorty, Mumbai Circle has donated Rs.5,000 on 06-09-2018.

Trichy District Branch in Tamil Nadu has donated Rs.6,000 on 20-09-2018

Guntur District, AP has donated Rs.5,000 on 20-09-2018

Cuddalore District in Tamil Nadu has donated Rs.20,000 on 22-09-2018

Com.P.Surendran, District Secretary, Alappuzha has donated his one month’s pension of Rs.29,500 on 24-09-2018. Hearty Congrats to Com.P.Surendran.