It is a landslide victory for the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to the presidency of Mexico. In the elections held on 01-07-2018, the Mexican People gave the left candidate, Lopez Obrador , a record  53.8% votes. Corruption and increased violence, especially in the recent past,  infuriated the anti-incumbency that the ruling party candidate, Jose Antonio Meade of the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) was decimated to the 3rd position with only 16.3% votes. The centre-right  National Action Party (PAN) secured 2nd position with 22.8% votes. Lopez Obrador’s victory puts a leftist at the helm of Mexico for the first time.

Lopez Obrador will assume office in December, 2018 and he has already stated that he will stay at his own middle-class home and turn official residence into an arts centre, sell the presidential plane and slash his salary.

But challenges are many before the new regime; eradicate corruption, subdue the drug mafias, reduce inequality are the main internal issues. Mexico already has a strained relationship with its immediate neighbor USA since Donald Trump’s elevation as the President. Trump is insisting for regeneration of North American Free Trade Agreement, which involves 80% of Mexico’s exports to USA. Trump also has taken a tough stand on the issue Mexican immigrants and even children are being separated from their Mexican parents.

Above all, USA is known for its animosity to the left regimes, particularly in Latin America. We have before us the examples of Chile,  Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela. So it is certain that the US imperialists will try their level best to utilize the first opportunity to topple the left government in Mexico. Such evil designs of imperialists have to be resisted by the people of Mexico with support from all progressive forces the world over.