The Circle Conference of Uttar Pradesh (East) was held successfully on 15-04-2018 at Varanasi. Com.D.Basu, Acting General Secretary inaugurated the conference and explained the issues of the pensioners including pension revision and the continuous struggles being waged by AIBDPA, BSNLEU and All Unions and Associations of BSNL. He appealed to strengthen the organisation to face the serious challenges and achieve the demands. Com.K.R.Yadav, National Vice President, BSNLEU delivered the keynote address and narrated the present position of BSNL, Separate tower company and the 3rd PRC. Com.R.K.Mishra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU also addressed and highlighted the importance of joint struggle and assured all co-operation in the functioning of AIBDPA.

The report and audited accounts presented by Com.R.K.Dwivedi, Circle Secretary was adopted after discussion.

The conference, then elected the office bearers unanimously and the following comrades are the important functionaries.

President : Com. B.N.Singh, Circle Secretary : Com.K.R.Yadav and Treasurer : Com.Chandrasekhar Singh.