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The future of the families of 1.70 lakh BSNL employees is in dark – AUAB calls on to organise “Rallies With Family Members” on 15-02-2019..

The future of the families of the 1.70 lakh BSNL employees is in dark. The government wants to kill BSNL. It does not want BSNL to compete on equal footing with Reliance Jio. So, it does not want to allot 4G spectrum to BSNL. It does want to allow BSNL to generate revenues from it’s vacant lands. It does not even want BSNL to take bank loans, while the private telecom companies, including Reliance Jio, are taking lakhs of crores of rupees as loans from government banks. It is doing everything to starve the families of the employees, by seeing to it that the employees do not get their salaries in the days to come. It wants to reduce the retirement age of the employees from 60 to 58. It is doing everything to create panic among the employees and thereby compelling them to take VRS and go home. According to Modi government, Reliance Jio is the government company and not BSNL. The government is doing everything to promote Reliance Jio. The Indian Railways has dumped BSNL and has taken connections from Reliance Jio. Who is behind this decision? We shall not allow this injustice. Come on comrades! Let us stand up and fight against the conspiracy of the government to finish off BSNL. The people are the real owners of this great BSNL. They are our masters. Let us go to the people of this country and seek their support to save BSNL. It is the people who finally win. The AUAB has called upon the employees to organise “Rallies With Family Members” on 15-02-2019. BSNLEU calls upon the circle and district unions to take all out steps to make the rallies a historic success. BSNLEU calls upon each and every employee not to feel shy of bringing their families to the streets on 15-02-2019.

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Com.Xavier presided over the Neelagiri District Conference at Cunnoor on 03-02-2019. Com.C.K.Narasimhan, Circle Secretary inaugurated the conference with a spirited speech covering the vital issues. Com.R.Sathasivam welcomed all. Coms. Jacob Morris, District Secretary, BSNLEU and Com.K.R.Ravi greeted the conference.

In the subject session, Com.Gurusamy, District Secretary presented the report and accounts and Com.N.Kuppusamy ,Circle Assistant Secretary replied to the discussion. After adoption of report and accounts, a 13 member new set of office bearers were elected and the important functionaries are;

President ; Com. R.Sathasivam, District Secretary : Com. V.Maheswaran and Treasurer : Com. N.Arokyanathan.

A seminar on the subject “Exploitation of the government and pensioners” also took place which was participated by Com.S.Mohandoss, CHQ Vice President and a host of leaders representing various organisations.





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Ahmedabad Telecom District Conference has been held successfully on 03-02-2019. Com.N.N.Patel, Circle President inaugurated the conference and narrated the current developments on important issues. Com. G.J.Kori, District President was in chair. Com.K.V.patel, District Secretary welcomed the gathering and presented the report. Com. N.J.Desai , Treasurer submitted the accounts. Coms. Dipakbhai H Trivedi, Circle President, BSNLEU and K.R.Varma, District President, BSNLEU addressed the conference.

New set of office bearers with Com.G.J.Kori (President), K.V.Patel (District Secretary) and Com.N.J.Desai (Treasurer) were elected unanimously.


  1. 07 – Feb – 2019
    Representatives of AUAB met Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Telecom, yesterday the 06.02.2019.

The representatives of the AUAB once again met Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Telecom, yesterday. They expressed their disappointment and agony over the non-implementation of the assurances given by the Hon’ble MoS(C) on 3rd Pay Revision, allotment of 4G spectrum, payment of pension contribution of actual basic pay and pension revision. They pointed out how hurdles and road-blocks are being created by the DoT, in the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and other demands of the employees, as well as in the issues related to the financial revival of BSNL. They expressed their serious disappointment that the DoT has still not sent the Cabinet Note, for getting relaxation from the Affordability Clause of 3rd PRC, on the issue of pay revision of the employees. On the important issue of Pay Revision, the AS(T) avoided stating anything. However, on the issue of allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, he stated that it came up for discussion in the Digital Commission meeting held on 05.02.2019, and that the Commission has decided to refer the matter to the TRAI.

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In a well attended conference held at Bharat Nagar Chowk Telephone Exchange, Ludhiana on 04-02-2019, Punjab Circle Branch has been revived. The conference was presided over by veteran leader Com.Gurcharan Singh. Com.Balvinder Singh, Circle Co-Ordinator welcomed one and all. Inaugurating the conference, Com.KG Jayaraj, General Secretary explained the efforts and struggles being launched by AIBDPA in achieving the genuine demands of pensioners by which it has become the biggest pensioners organisation in BSNL. He also dealt in the current issues of wage revision, pension revision, medical issues and revival of BSNL , ensuing AIC at Kolkata and appealed to make the 3 days strike by AUAB from 18-02-2019 a great success. Com. Raghunath Singh, General Secretary, CITU Punjab State was the Guest of honour and delivered an informative and inspiring speech. Coms.Balbir Singh, Circle Secreatry, BSNLEU, Jathinder Pal, Vice President, CITU, Shri.Rakesh Kumar Mishra, GMT,BSNL and a host of leadrers addressed.

Circle Office Bearers were elected unanimously with Com.Kamaljit Singh (President), Com.Balvinder Singh (Circle Secretary) and Com.Kashmir Chand (Treasurer).




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Nellore District Conference has been held with good participation of pensioners on 03-02-2019. Com.KSC Bose, Circle Secretary inaugurated the conference explaining the latest position on the important issues of wage revision, pension revision ,AUAB ‘s 3 days strike from 18-02-2019, medical issues and the ensuing AIC at Kolkata. Com.MSN Reddy, Circle Treasurer,Com.Gurunadham,DS,AIBSNLEA, Com.M.Venkata Reddy,DS,BSNLEU, Com.B.Anjaneyulu,President, BSNLEU,Com.I.Samrajyam, Women co-ordinator,, BSNLEU, Com.Madhusudhanrao,ADS,SNEA also addressed. Com.C.J.Shanmugam presented the report and accounts which were adopted after discussion. The following are the important functionaries elected unanimously.

President : Com. CJ Shanmugam, District Secretary : Com. T.Nageswara Rao and Treasurer : Com.T.Eliya.

Com.CJ Shanmugam, the outgoing District Secretary was felicitated by Com.KSC Bose, Circle Secretary, for his outstanding contribution in strengthening AIBDPA at Nellore.




Organise street corner meetings effectively for 5 days from 11.02.2019 – mobilise public support massively.

The AUAB has already given call to the circle and district unions, to conduct street corner meetings for 5 days from 11.02.2019. The purpose of this programme is to make the general public, aware of the attacks being made on BSNL, by the government, and also to mobilise their support for defending BSNL. The support of the people is very essential, to protect BSNL, from the pro-private and anti-public sector policies of the government. Hence, all circle and district unions of BSNLEU are called upon to immediately take the needful steps for successfully launching the street corner meetings. Necessary coordination may also be carried out with the other constituents of the AUAB.

(BSNLEU Website)


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Pune District Conference was held on 22-01-2019 with large participation of pensioners. Com. Nalawade N.K, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU inaugurated the conference explaining the current position of the important issues. Com.B.P.Petkar, Circle Patron and Com.Suryavanshi, Circle President also addressed.

Office bearers with Com. Dhanawade.B.B (President), Com.N.K.Nalawade (District Secretary) and Com.Kale.G.K (Treasurer) were elected unanimously.