AIBDPA Meeting at Varanasi

A well attended meeting  of AIBDPA and other pensioners’ associations was held at CTO premises, Varanasi, on 23 November 2014, utilising the presence of Com.VAN Namboodiri, who had come to attend the Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF UP(E).
Com.B.N.Singh, senior leader, presided over the meeting. Coms.Hari Om, Yad Ali, B.N.Singh, R.S.Viswakarma, Rameswarlal, Ram Samuj, Prem Kumar, Haridwar Yadav, Jeet Lal Maurya and other leaders addressed and pointed out certain issues facing the pensioners.
Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, in his speech explained the present position of the demand of 78.2 per cent IDA fixation, demands placed before VII CPC, discussion with CPC, other demands of pensioners, TUI(Pensioners and Retirees), issues of casual and contract labour, one day strike on 27 November by JAC and by BSNLCCWF, Indefinite Strike from 3 February 2015 called by Forum on Revival of BSNL etc. Questions raised by participants were answered and explained by Namboodiri.
The house decided to strenghthen AIBDPA as also BSNLCCWF.
Pensioners are enthused by the discussion and decisions.