Another attack on the workers is ruthlessly inflicted by the Modi government under the cover of Covid-19 pandemic. This time it is the CPSE employees who  are to suffer; three installments of IDA due from 01-10-2020,01-01-2021 and 01-04-2021  are withheld. It has come at a time when the employees and pensioners were expecting the orders for the 5.5% hike of IDA from 01-10-2020.

In the order issued by Department of Public Enterprises on 19-11-2020 which is appended below, it is stated that it is applicable to all executives and Non-Unionised  Supervisors of the CPSEs. So it is not made applicable to the pensioners including BSNL pensioners according to this order.

It is a known fact that in some of the CPSEs, including BSNL & MTNL, the pay revision according to 3rd PRC has not been implemented due to the affordability conditions. So the employees of these CPSEs have already been denied the pay revision due from 2017 and robbed of their legitimate rights. In spite of this, the employees had donated to the PM Cares Fund/ CM Relief Fund voluntarily. So freezing the IDA at this stage is most condemnable and to be protested.  

Meanwhile the anti-people Modi government, utilizing the majority in the Parliament, enacted three Labour Codes, replacing the hard won 44 labour laws most undemocratically. Through this the workers are to be treated as slaves by the employers. The working hours could be increased to 12 to 16 hrs by the employers and 8 days wages could be cut for participation of a one day strike.

Modi government often sheds crocodile tears for the farmers and has enacted three bills in the last session of Parliament propagating that these are intended to benefit the farmers. But the reality is just the opposite and the farmers are thrown away to the mercy of the Corporates. The farmers are on a war path in many states against the anti-farmer stand of the government.

Modi government has declared three stimulus packages intended to revive the economy which has nosedived to negative growth. But the most deserving sections, those who have lost their jobs and the marginalized poor people are neglected and at the same time the Corporates and the rich employers are flooded with concessions. Thus the government  has utterly failed to ensure purchasing power of the common people without which no revival of economy will be possible.

It is against these onslaughts of Modi government, the Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations have called for a National Strike on 26-11-2020. We have already decided for Solidarity Dharna on 25-11-2020 in support of the strike and the recent attacks warrant us to intensify the struggle.

VIEW THE ORDER >19 Nov 2020 reg Freezing DA rates for IDA pay scales_